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KIExtreme Scavenger Hunt #1 Results!

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The results for our first scavenger hunt are in, and the winner is... PKIVortex, with 12 of 16 correct! Coming in second was gamesguy08 with 11 correct, and in third place is derek9312 with 9 correct.


We had six entries, which is about what we expected for the first hunt, which only had 16 photos and took place during weekend-only operation at the end of Kings Island's 2007 operating season. Here are the full results:


#1 PKIVortex (12/16)

#2 gamesguy08 (11/16)

#3 derek9312 (9/16)

#4 govols1794 (8/16)

#5 maverick (8/16)

#6 dan (4/16)


To see the full results entry, where you can see the results again as well as download the answer key and the original form, head on over to the Scavenger Hunt page.


Thanks for playing, and we look forward to seeing everyone again when we debut Scavenger Hunt #2, which is expected to start in May 2008.

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