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Son of Beast 1

What Kings Island Should Get

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But, Adventure Express is my favorite KI coaster!

ok then if any coaster/attraction of your choice went in place of this the vid... then what would it be????or would you just put it in the open space KI hasn't used

*cough* The Racer *cough*

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Things I think every theme park should have

1. A Roller coaster of some type

2. A lift(like Eiffel Tower)

3. Some sort of transportation from one part of the park to another

4. At least one scrambler

5. A dark ride

6. A Ferris wheel


Fast fact: LOL on this one, did you know that when you spell the word Ferris wheel, the F always has to be capitalized? I figured that out in a spelling test on Friday! :lol:

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