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It should happen!

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Ok, heres what I got..


Park open from 10am to 10am (24 hours)

Just for season pass holders

Discount meals

All lights off at 11p.m. (to get a chance to ride in complete darkness)

Just one day a year, like a end of the season season pass party.

Timberwolf-7p.m.-11p.m.-4 Huge Bands

7am to 10am-Breakfast Buffet.


It sounds good to me!

I know I know, i'm dreaming again.

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Well, I think from 10:00 PM to 10: AM, or maybe 8 or 9 AM, would be more realistic. And maybe one or two bands, possibly first a local than a big. Breakfast buffet sounds good, and I like the ieda of riding in the dark. Maybe not for season pass holders, but graduation party or something? Maybe for high schoolers, or end of year award for students who have done good in school or something. But 24 hours is kinda stretching it.

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