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Here's my current park I'm doing.



Devil Man.


Off the rails




Some little thing I'm working on in the park.




The latest project I'm doing for the park, I'm recoloring it, and finishing it up still.


I have a ton more screens but don't feel like posting them all. I can give you a link to the topic I have all the updates in if you like. But I'm not sure if thats against the rules or not, I'm new here. Also I have a ton of more updates that are finished but not posted, so I'll start posting them here to from now on.

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Hmm, RCTAvenged. Download some of their parks, and you'll get all the custom scenery you'll need.




NEDesigns is another very good one.




I hope I can help. I'm pretty much down and out of playing RCT2. Time to spark another generation of park makers!

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I have good news, I found the park I made about a year ago on a CD I found on my dresser =]. But, the bad news is I cant get the park to work, everytime I try to play it, it says Invalid Data, or something like that. What should I do? I worked on that park for so long, and was almost finished with it, anyway to get it working?

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Here's a look at the currently-under-construction Mullins Mania's Imagination!. The park, part of the larger Mullins Mania resort, is divided up into six areas that each include a specific theme.


After leaving your car and taking an air-conditioned monorail over to the theme park, you will find yourself in the pre-entry plaza. Two large blank walls on either side of you represent empty canvasas, free to fill with whatever you can imagine.



The park is considering removing the trees, however. Instead, they would place either more gardens or smaller trees of different sorts.


Guests next enter through the small and narrow entry-way into the park and find themselves on the main street, filled with shops, restaurants, and beautiful landscaping.



Here is an overview of the area, split through the center by the Grand Fountains. At the street's end is the area's star attraction, Royal Carousel, a double-decker merry-go-round.



Turning left as you enter, you'll find a small side street. This area includes Circler Cafe, restrooms, Rock-It, Helping Hands Fountain, and a few other small attractions. All coins collected from Helping Hands Fountain go to charity.



The next small side street is further down. It includes one of the entries to a bakery, a Christmas store, a toy store, and a shop filled with projects that will get your imagination rolling. There is also a pathway to the previous side street. The large glass building is a fancy restaurant perched above the street, accessible from the large blue building.


The opposite side of the main street includes a book store, oriental restaurant, and even a magic shop.



The primary-colored structure is an art store, the glass-window building is a CiCi's Pizzaria, and the oriental location specializes in Chinese cuisine. The side street in which the former two are located is also home to a bank. The large gray building, mostly hidden from street-view, is a theater in the following area.



Before reaching the next area, however, we have to stop at the double-deck carousel, Royal Carousel. Its 88 horses are each hand-carved and decorated in some of the most expensive paints and jewels available.


Traveling counter-clockwise around the park, guests transition into "Books of the Bible," an area that takes visitors back in time to places and events like the great flood, the creation of the Earth, and the Garden of Eden.



The transition pathway includes a restroom, seen next to the blue building. More landscaping will be added at a later date.


The star attraction of the area is a B&M twister roller coaster themed to the massive flood that covered the Earth- God's Flood.



Guests enter into the ark via a large ramp. Inside, they load the coaster train and prepare for an insanely twisted ride. The large building in the backgound is what actually houses the roller coaster. (Btw, what do you all think of the ark? I know it's not very boat-ish, but historians believe it was more box-ish than often shown in artwork for children)



Here is an inside-view of the building. The park had originally wanted a flat-ride that could better tell the story, but due to restraints (coughRCT2cough), a coaster was decided to be the best fit. After riding, guests descend down a stairway into the ark, filled with real animals. This petting zoo is also an option for non-riders or anyone wanting to spend some time surrounded by wildlife.



At the left is the Garden of Eden, a walk-through exhibit filled with wildlife and a variety of plants. As you may notice, most pathways in this section of the park lack barriers surrounding them. The reason for this, according to the park manager, is because there weren't fences surrounding the streets and pathways ten-thousand years ago, so wh should there be now?

The large theater at the right is "Worship!," an outdoor theater for Christian concerts through-out the year.



The eyesore of the park- In the Beginning, a 4D-theater that tells the story of the Earth's creation.



An overview of the area. the park would love to add a market-place in the center but questions the possibility with the restraints in place.



The transition pathway to the next area. Notice the nicely-colored walls that block the view of the undeveloped area behind them :D



The next area, Mt. Marvelous, is behind schedule. However, the park did transport seven redwood trees from across the country for this area.



The following area is just shy of being complete- Krystal Kingdom. This medieval land takes its guests back into the time of knights and dragons, along with a few others mythical creatures that turn this seemingly-ordinary area into a world of fantasy.



An overview of the area. Nearly all of it is contained within the walls of the castle, including a massive hedge maze, kiddie coaster, and top-spin.



A zoomed-in view shows The Dragon, the area's signature ride. It's a B&M flyer with thirteen terrifying drops and countless twists and turns over Quest for the Lost Unicorn, a massive hedge maze.



The other side of Krystal Kingdom includes one of the The Dragon's helixes. It is also home to Cyclops Cyclone, a kiddie coaster.



The waiting queue at left takes guests into Torture Chamber, a highly-themed HUSS Top-Spin. The area to the right is Courtyard Cafe, an outdoor dining area.



The next area is Days of the Dinosaurs, a very tropical land that only features three attractions currently- a twister-style attration, a launched-free-fall, and bumper-cars... moving on!



The final area, The Wild, Wild West, has much progress to go. It should, when done, include a variety of attractions, including a mine-train roller coaster and stunt show.


Well, I would personanlly like to thank you for joining me on this tour of the new park. Just remember, it is still a work in progress and won't be opening until next year. To bid you farewell, I leave you with an overview of the park:









Comments? Criticism? It'd be highly appreciated :lol:

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Get rid of all the big walls form nowhere. The dragon looks good, but's it's in the lie posistion too much, too unrealistic.


Which ones- the large green ones near Books of the Bible or the white ones at the entrance? Cause the white ones symbolize blank slates, free to fill with your imagination, while the green ones blend in with the trees to block the undeveloped area behind them. And this is actually done at Universal's Islands of Adventure near Dueling Dragons.


And speaking of dragons, The Dragon is just as much flying, if not more, than it is lying down- check out the pic below, with an sections that contain lying highlighted white:





See the gray building, use your "landtool" and make your doorways 2 blocks thick so you get a arch on your building entrances.


So you're saying lift the area directly within the door two blocks and build a pathway through to make an arch entrance? I like the idea but I'm not too big a fan of the lack of choices available. Thanks for the trick though, I will be sure to use it somewhere.



Thank you both for the comments and ideas.

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It's been about a month since your last visit to Mullins Mania's Imagination! and it's another preview day at the park. Not much has changed, but something new is present...



Why hello, what is this?



Could it possibly be the park's new monorail? *Gasp!*



It travels clockwise around the whole park, slithering through the seperate areas.



The park manager refused to let the track travel through the castle in Krystal Kingdom, it being his favorite area and himself afraid it'd ruin the effect the area creates.



Sneaky track, hiding behind the castle! It will be repainted to fit the sections that it travels through.



I'm not sure how the park figured out where to put the track since they don't even have a layout finalized for Mt. Marvelous...



Like Krystal Kingdom, the monorail doesn't travel through Books of the Bible. Instead, it travels in front of it then ducks into the In the Beginning... theater. Very sneaky, Mr. Monorail!



As seen in this photo, it has wrecked havoc on the main street. Park architects were not at all pleased that their hard work was put aside when the monorail was constructed. However, the monorail was only recently decided upon as the best form of transportation through the park.




Comments? Criticism?

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any updates on your park??

I think it great, its got great themeing, great layout and great rides

a really good park!! :)


Well here's what I started today:




the gold pass booth (the castle windows are suppose to be like real windows)



KIs enterance ( I tried :P )



overview of entry plaza so far




Its my first time trying to actually recreate Kings Island as close as I can, with using alot of scenery. As you can tell im not that great at using it, but im trying :lol:





****300th POST****

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