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RR thanks!


PKIcook, your work has no scenery just rides put down, dont build lakes by just pulling ground down theme it, also i am guessing you do'n have 8 cars or sob trainer? and one more thing don't have spare quele lines.

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I think its pretty good. And maybe he has extra que so he doesnt overflow again. Some coasters lines get LONGER. And I know he does theme things just not right there, so do I. <_<


I think its very good. Good job PKIcook :D


And there is only 6 cars on SOB FYI. :pissed:


Sorry but get the facts straight. B)

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If you are talking about my SOB having 8 cars thats wrong??

It has 6, and a blue and red train???

And I theme when I get done making my park..... <_<


And that pic I posted with the long line is The Beast.. Not SOB....

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:lol: Sorry man, didnt know you were an RCT2 nerd. I aint a pro like you. :lol:


Well I am not computer nerd, I can hardly use one. So if I new how to put screenshots and DID use CHEATS, I would be a PRO like you. ;) We know how to theme, we dont take our time, ALWAYS, like some people. We have lifes. :chair:

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Since im not a pro like PKI? I guess I have to use ALL of the cheats (that I didnt even know) to make my park. And I can tell you have a different type of RCT then me (I have the org. one without expansions)


So everyone I guess we have to let this pro play RCT and take it all serious, while the rest of us just play for fun.


Just to clear it I know that I didnt use a trainer, because I dont even know what it is..Mr.Pro :nerd:

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I've spent the last couple of visits to the site browsing through this topic and all of the stuff I've seen is pretty darned cool. I had RCT1 hen it came out then skipped to 3 and honestly I would trade the graphics and roller coaster options for something that is more fun to play. I my have to pick up RCT2 and join in. :)

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My current park. All of my rides are custom despite giving them names from pre-made tracks (I am poor at naming coasters). Right now my focus is rides (I will add the scenery later on) + I'm currently working on a new 11+ excitement racing Twister Coaster than will be indoors w/ Scenery and Food Court. More pics will be up then.












From my old park. Duel Woody (Forwards, Backwards). 10.3 excitement



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Topgun your park is good but not the best. you seem to have good building skills but you need to use more custom scenery.


Darkside your park is a start but a horrible start. the rides have been place randomely and there is no themeing what so ever. add tree, stations and shops that are in buildings.


For anyone who care i have moved elsewghere, Coasterforce, this is my favourite website, my username is Goliath123 so check out the SFOG recreation here:Coasterforce, RCT1 & 2

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Found a way to transfer photos from non-connected computer to this one- a flash-drive! :D




Random coasters I once made:





And these were from a long-forgotten park I made:






If you like them, thanks. If you don't, I made them that stuff two years ago ;)

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EcoPark, I quit for some reason...



^Zylon Racer







^Crazy Castle


Now this is one of my favorite parks that I haven't worked in about two months. It's actually my own park I'd love to someday own, Imagination!. This is the entrance area:



^Christmas Shop, Ruby Tuesdays, Imagine (mislabeled), and facade.


^Toilets, Ruby Tuesdays, Starbucks, Helping Hands Fountain


^Viewed from the end. On left side, from far left, Sweet Shop, Unknown, Magic Shop, a side-street with CiCi's Pizzeria, Bookstore, an art shop (nice primary colors, huh?), Lockers, and finally Town Hall (guest relations). On the right side, starting at the far left, is a restaurant, Bakery, a side street with unknown, unknown, Christmas Shop, Imagine, pathway to second side street, store facade, Monorail (unbuilt), Ruby Tuesdays, toilets, and second side street. Second side street includes a music shop and Circler Cafe, along with a clothing store.


A random wooden roller coaster:



Finally, a park I never got too far on:


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Dude, what your doing is not that tough, thanks to the miracles of 8 Cars and SoB trainers.


Also, try more positive comments. Yes, I'll admit, your work is VERY good, but you don't have to flame people because they aren't as good as you are. I'd recommend going to a big site like NEDesigns, and see how you feel there. They're work is about 10x better than yours, and they are not afraid to go off on people.


I know for a fact that, if you keep this attitude up, and keep the same attitude at CoasterForce, you WILL NOT make many friends.


Goodness, does noone know how to be nice with positive comments these days?

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