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I based it off of Talon. :lol:

I personally like the green trees, but hey, everyone has an opinion.

As I said earlier, I'm in the process of completely redoing the park. Don't worry, the Corksrew coaster will be back!

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Yay on the corkscrew!


Recently my RCT2 crashed and I lost all my saved games except for 5. I did lose Idlewood park(the park in my latest update) so I have started a new park and will be posting later on



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Tombraider- I have never been to KI so don't be too harsh and besides a really think that a train that goes everywhere in KI is in need.


Topgun- Totaly Radical. although it would look better with custom supports.


RockinRoller- Very nice indeed.


PKI?- I have started a new park called Chestnut Woods Amusement Park which will have pictures posted soon!



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From the following picture i present to you...


Chestnut Woods Amusement Park!


The Entrace












More Cool stuuf and buildings






Thunder Rapids






Thanks For viewing. Please, PLEASE comment!!!

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So i've been working on my interpretation of the new KI roller coaster and i've finished it with some complaints. I tried to be accurate with how the terrain turns, but when you only turn 45 degrees you cant add any special elements. I think they're be a break run before the turn around that leads to the splash down. My other problem is I think they lift hill in reality will be steeper so the run from the final 360 to the splash down would be flat, but I added some up and downs to make this version more interesting. The final thing that will be slightly different in the real ride will be after the second drop it will gently curve to the left instead of having to hit the ground before curving like my ride does. Here is my ride.







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I am going to try and fix my interpretation of it to match the actual specs. I just wish I knew how deep the ravine is.


I wish RCT2 allowed steeper lift hills for the hyper coaster. I just finished my interpretation, but there is a long straight section after the splash down to get it back to the station due to how long the lift is. It hits 86 on the first drop and 90 on the second drop.

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