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Nick Central Expansion 2006?

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I'm excited about this new expansion. I have heard some things about what will take the place of slime maze and maybe even the picnic grounds.

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FYI, Sally doesn't own the copyright to Scooby-Doo, it is owned by Warner Bros, and KECO(Paramount Parks). If Paramount Parks looks hard enough around the management building at Carowinds, they will find a document that gives them to rights to Scooby-Doo, and more than likely all of the characters. It is a simple fact that the only reason Six Flags has Scooby-Doo dark rides is b/c they run Warner Brothers Movie World, and WB owns the rights to use Scooby. Paramount Parks developed Scooby-Doo dark rides. If the Scooby-Doo rights run out, then why would Paramount Parks have demanded Scooby-Doo be used in the first place. PCW's was installed before "Scooby-Doo" the movie was dreamed of.


In short, Scooby-Doo's Haunted Mansion(Castle) isn't going anywhere until 2012, if ever.


:scooby: Scooby-Dooby-Doo!

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What info of whats staying and whats going here



Scooby's Ghoster Coaster-TBA

HB Carousel-Going

Flintstones Boulder Bumpers-Getting Rethemed

Huck's Hot Rods-Getting Rethemed

Booboo's Baggage Claim-Getting Rethemed

Jetsons Jet Orbiters-Getting Rethemed

Yogi's Sky Tours-Getting Rethemed

Scooby & The Haunted Castle-Staying Scooby is getting his own themed area

Top Cat's Taxi Jam-TBA

Dick Dasterdly's Byplanes-Going

Babba Looey's Buggies-Going

Quick Draw's Railway-Going

Pixie & Dixie's Swingset-TBA

Atom Ant's Airways-Getting Rethemed most likely to Spongebob's Sub or Fairly Oddparents Fairy plane along those lines one of those concepts.


Some of the rides are going because they have to make room for the 7 NEW ATTRACTIONS! whats going in HB Carousels place is awsome and yeah you forgot about the Slime Zone this is the last year for it as well.

Most of the rides are staying, the mini-carousel ain't going anywhere. It will be rethemed to Nick-O-Round.

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Ok, a few comments. First off, no one said anything about Scooby Doo. If you look above at TRexRage's comment it says "Staying Scooby is getting his own themed area." We already knew PKI had the rights. Secondly, if and when PKI gets rid of Hanna Barbara, how in the HELL will they be able to keep the carousel? If you haven't noticed, the carousel has HB characters on it. Please think and read before posting.

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The take over of HBL by Nick is enevitable and because of Nick's recent relationship with the Scooby Movies, I bet it would be retained as has been said....BUT as my Son or my Nieces and Nephews who any of these guys are:


Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (they luckily STILL know Scooby)

HB Carousel (I don't think my sone could name anyone on this except Scooby)

Flintstones Boulder Bumpers (Flintstones? Isn't that the cereal????)

Huck's Hot Rods(Who's Huckleberry Hound?)

Booboo's Baggage Claim(Booboo? Isn't that what I have on my Knee?)

Jetsons Jet Orbiters(Jetson's? Never heard of em)

Yogi's Sky Tours(Yogi Bear or Berra? Never heard of either of them)

Scooby & The Haunted Castle(YEAH SCOOBY!)

Top Cat's Taxi Jam(Top Cat? Who's that?)

Dick Dasterdly's Byplanes(Dick Dasterdly??? He looks evil but I ain't never seen him)

Babba Looey's Buggies(Babba Looey??? You mean Bababooey when I accidently listen to Stern?)

Quick Draw's Railway(How can a horse be the cowboy?)

Pixie & Dixie's Swingset(Mice....in a cartoon?? Whatever...)

Atom Ant's Airways(What's a Atom???)



Scooby is THE ONLY one my son knows and that's because it's the only thing still shown on Cartoon Network and it's not on that often. Cartoon Network has been taken over by LAME things like Ed, Edd and Eddy and tons of Anime.


My son still rides these, but he has no clue on who any of the characters are.....if they replaced all of the riders on the HBL Merry go Round, he woud FIGHT to ride Sponge Bob. Nick is what's in now and will be in the future. Nickelodeon (nee Viacom) know's what they like and until they do something STOOPID, they will continue to be.


Also, NONE of these except the Flinstone Boulder Bumpers is THAT unique that it would change drastically by theming. The only one of these besides that is the merry-go-round. Boulder bumpers will change the cars up with prehistoric looking boats and it will be Spongebob BC Bumper Cars.

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Maybe if we all complain to Time Warner Cable, they'll get the point that we don't want to pay for digital cable so we can see our favorite classic HB cartoons


(PS - Ed, Edd n Eddie is not lame!)

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I want to make some things clear pre-teens know who the popular HB characters are because for one if you go over to PKIC they have a topic on this I am thinkin about joining that site since I am always on that site reading topics anyway. Warner Bros. is bringing Yogi Bear and The Jetsons to the Bigscreen kids know who the Jetsons are they know who Fred Flintstone is they know who Scooby doo is and scooby is always on Cartoon Network and always on KidsWB,Scooby will be makin his debut on NICK here very soon so look out for that and I know for a fact that a new Yogi Bear show is in the works... Scooby Doo was recently voted kids fav cartoon character in which kids voted who is the best and funniest toon and they picked scooby I hear Spongebob came in second.The Flintstones are still shown on Cartoon Network so is Yogi Bear bear and so are the Jetsons Cartoon Network uses those classic cartoons for there early saturday morning line-up Oh and just because HB is fading away from PKI doesnt mean HB will begone forever Six Flags parks still use those characters,Universal uses those characters and Cartoon Network still uses those characters for events (Birthdays,Parades etc) Plus WB has tons of HB related things planed like new DVDs I know WB is going to make sure that kids who dont know who yogi is will know who Yogi is and who Fred Flintstone is and who The Jetsons are because Yogi is getting a new DVD so are the Flintstones..I havent heard much on the Jetsons but I hear it will come with the live-action movie.


Most Kids know who those classic characters are and just so you know Ed,Edd&Edy is a Hanna-Barbera Cartoon so is The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,Dexters Lab,Powerpuff Girls and many many more.

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