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New Ride! For 2008-2009!

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From a standpoint of trying to get as many people through the gates as possible, KI will not become completely smoke free. If it does, this is what will happen: All the smokers will go out the front gate, stand around the gate and smoke, then come back in. How good of a first impression will that give?


As for the acrage of the park that is built in, the parking lot is 100 acres. Theres a good reference.


For 08, I see general park improvements, including better planned smoking areas (hopefully with a couple covered for shade or something. The only one that is covered is in Rivertown) paint jobs on certain faded rides (Delirium comes to mind,) a COMPLETE de-Paramounting of the park, just not temporary, Paramount Story being reworked into some sort of actual garden, and at least one new show.

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