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YouTube Video Thievery

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Since YouTube is such a huge, popular thing these days, I've for the last year or so been uploading all of KIExtreme's videos onto my YouTube account to get them more exposure, as well as the ability for people to embed them on their MySpace pages, post comments, etc. They're also easier on the dialup users.


This is the official link for our Firehawk testing video on YouTube, uploaded by myself:


These two links are copies of the video uploaded by persons with no respect for our property:




The second was uploaded by a former member of this site who was banned some time ago. After it was called to his attention in the video comments, he disabled the ability to add comments to the video.


It's unfortunate that it has come to this, but here's the facts: Should any member of this site upload any of our videos to any video sharing site such as YouTube, and I find out who it was, they will be banned.


I will not take any action for any videos prior to this one, however for the Firehawk testing video and all videos posted in our Video Gallery from here on out, I will strictly enforce this rule. Also, a copyright infringement notice will be filed with the site it was uploaded to.


We have a video gallery and "Official" YouTube uploads for a reason! We allow downloads of good-quality copies of our videos for your own enjoyment. Please do not re-upload them under your own name! If you wish to share them, just link to our own Video Gallery or YouTube uploads.




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