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Signature Guidelines *READ!*

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Signature images must not exceed 468 pixels in width, as larger images distort the forum view.


Images must also not contain objectional content, or inappropriate images.


Images must not exceed 60 pixels in height.





You may have 6 lines of text in your signature. If your signature exceeds 6 lines it will be edited by an administator.





You may link to your site in your signature, but please do no overdo it. A simple "Visit my site, click here" is suffecient!

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Left click on the image of the smille you want, Highlight its URL, Then In your sig click the IMG button and paste the Pic's URL then press "Okay"

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Settle down, it is just that he is using a image from another site that gives thier message by replacing the image.

No I was trying to use that EPKI one but I have no clue how to do it and so I clicked that one thing above the your sig and it added that and I just didn't notice it.

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