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Kings Island transportation continues.

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The Kings Island employee bus services will continue to roll.


Kings Island buses to roll


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Rest easy, local teens: You will have a way to your Kings Island job this summer.


After two days of negotiations among Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Metro and Kings Island, a deal has been struck that will save the bus service that last year shuttled more than 22,000 riders - most of them seasonal workers - from Hamilton County to Kings Island.


The Mason amusement park, which is under new ownership, had planned this year to cancel the bus service, which included eight express trips from Government Square downtown to Mason seven days a week. The park had underwritten the service since 2000.



Under the agreement, each entity agreed to pay a third of the expected $90,000 cost, with the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, which runs the Metro system, kicking in another $10,000 if needed, said Councilman Jeff Berding. The city's portion will come from the $1 million youth employment program. Riders pay typical Metro fares for the service, which was $2.25 each way last year. Metro spokeswoman Sallie Hilvers said that fare could go up.


"I think it will be a great advantage for our guests and associates coming from that area," said Kings Island spokeswoman Maureen Kaiser.


SORTA/Metro has also committed to bus youth from Cincinnati to a Kings Island job fair for free, said county Commissioner Todd Portune.


Cedar Fair, the parent company of Cedar Point in Sandusky, bought Kings Island and its four sister parks in 2006.


The Enquirer. Link for article.

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On the local radio station, 103.9 The X the disc jocky was talking about the bus service being cancled I emailed him this article with some other comments of Cedar Fair's running of the park.


I didnt hear this but a friend at school told me that the disc jocky commented on me emailing him and KIExtreme was mentioned on the station and on several stations around the country along with my name.


Awsome eh?

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