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Forum Time Issues (Daylight Savings...)

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Okay. We're having board time problems relating to the DST changeover. If your time is wrong, do this!


Go to My Controls

Go to Board Settings

Verify your time zone is set correctly. Ohio and Kentucky are in Eastern Time (GMT -5)


If the time zone is set correctly and the time is still an hour off, check the "Is daylight savings time in effect?" checkbox, and then press the "Change my Account Options" button at the bottom to save.


We've never had problems with previous daylight savings switches, but the earlier switch this year is wreaking havoc apparently. I'm currently trading emails with the IT people to see if something is wrong with the time settings on our server.


If you have any problems, post here and I'll do whatever I can to take care of them.


No site functionality other than incorrect forum time is affected by this, although the front page countdown clock might take an extra hour to click over to the next day.

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