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Ty's Beast Buzz 2006

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I went to my first Beast Buzz this year with my two friends, who I will call Jimmy and Carol. Jimmy picked us up and we were dropped off at the park by his dad at about 9:00 AM. We registered, $25 (they didn't charge us for not being members of Coaster Buzz :lol: ), and entered the park through the old season pass entrance.

Heading to Avatar, me and Jimmy rode 3 times while Carol only did it twice. We then walked back to The Beast. I rode in the front once then skipped the second ride. Between the large period of time betweemn that and The Beast behind the scenes we spent at the Rivertown Arcade. Stacker, a game located out front, was addicting. I spent about $14 dollars on it, trying to win that white iPod Nano.

Bored, I counted the lightbulbs on the ceiling of Top Glo. There were 200 something, don't remember. I also quized the staff on PKI, having nothing better to do :D .

We then walked about twenty feet to The BEast for the tour. Along the way Carol and I thought it would make a great area for a Fear Fest walkthrough. If they placed chain fences and or netting near the track, they could hang some stuff from the dozens of trees and supports. The clank clank clank of the train would make the walk through much scarier, along with the roar of the occasional train. We thought a good name would be "The Beast: Unleashed". The tours itself was okay, not as good as I expected.

We headed back to the arcade after the tour. Jimmy and Carol left to check something out, and it was a good 1/2 and hour before they came back. They had been playing checkers with splenda and sugar :rolleyes: .

We went to get our scavenger hunt packets. There were eight pages, seven of them being crammed with questions. Our first one was how many tubs of candy were in the center of the shop across from a wooden roller coaster. We first thought on Location, but quickly realized it was Fudge and Fun. There were 11 tubs on each side except for 12 on one. There were 45 tubs.

Next one was what ages were a game reccomend for in Happy Days. We went to the radio booth and found an old board game called "Donky Tails". Even after I was lifted up, I couldn't see an age> We then checked inside the shop and found the answer on another game- 4 to 14.

Carol then went up the Eiffel Tower to check where the binacaulars were manafactured. He found AL, Alabama. Me and Jimmy went to the water tower in Action Zone for the next one. Jimmy stood on a black square while I counted th rest. There were like 22 squares, don't remember.

I found the answer to how much was a room and two whiskies at that old inn in The Unofficial Guide to Paramount's Kings ISland. It was like 45 cents. Jimmy and Carol counted the red benches in Action Zone as I headed for the Rivertown arcade. On the way I found the price of a coney, $1.89, and found the date of the pictures on the wall in the SDATHC photo booth. They were like June 19, 2005. Don't really remember.

Also along the way I found the flower in Dora's hand was teal/blue and that the money was stolen from the Cincinnati bank. I added the amount of people that the Rivertown arcade could accept to the amount of people on a train on the Beast.

Jimmy and Carol eventually met up, saying 29 benches. Probably wrong, but oh well. we then found the price of Laura Croft's rover, a cool $175,000.

Earlier I had remembered the back of the licenes plates on Italian Job: Stunt Crap were from California.

Jimmy and Carol then went to watch School of Rock as I headed for the Paramount story. I counted 74 squares to either 1988 or 1989, don't remember. I subtracted 1900 and found that tatoo near Graters. I also went to the Sprite question and guessed a bear, since the train ride was across from the Sprite basketball game. Also, I found the mining game in Skee Ball Arcade. I guessed the name on the carts, which is wrong. It was actually the name on the enginge- the Iron Horse.

I met up with Jimmy and Carol again. I then went to the Son of Beast behind the scenes as they worked on the Scavenger hunt. At the scavenger hunt I learned that you went above and under the track a total of 12 times. Jimmy and Carol found out the number of VIP spots, the number on a fire hydrant, and the type of tree on the bird feeder. I'm pretty sure we got them all wrong :lol: .

I met up with them later as we finished up the questions. Name of the lady of the house- we guessed Mary. Name on the sample cards- Bud Light (the bar tender was mean! :angry: ), and the two word slogan beneath reptar's feet- Snack Bar.

We guessed 218 for the blue lines on the railroad, and added five to the six exits in School of Rock as a guess. That was about all I guess. We then headed for the picnic grove. I lady there, an employee I think, said she had seen us playing games earlier and handed us each a stack of about 10 tickets. These contained "One free race at Dog Pound" and one free ball at "Peach Basket". I won a stuffed dog and a Bengals cap. Later on we got the dog stuck in a tree and rode The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbara. We took the long way to the Paramount Theater, and watched the fireworks. Entering, we watched the awards amd then did the ride times. I did Delirium five times, Flight of Fear three times, and The Beast five times. I have found my new favorite seat on The BEast- car two, row two, right. Lot of air time, not that bumpy.

That is about all there is. Had a good time. (Hey, did you know that there is a $1 coke machine at the pick up? It has cans, not bottles, but that is still a great deal at KI!

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Oh! Were you one of the kids in the group of 3 little kids?

huh? :huh:


do you mean those three boys in the front row? They took the seats I wanted :angry: So to answer your question, no

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