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Extreme Paramount Network

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because we want to control and host the sites ourselves, so we will be doing the Extreme Network. I am about to start primary work on ExtremePCW soon.


CZ is about 7 months older than EPKI.

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Well, I was just going off of what that other guy's idea was. His idea now that I think about it was smart. By the way, no one or few people will want to have their site(site they made) controlled by someone else. "Control" is an illusion anyway, no one has control over someone or something that isn't their's or even a machine.


7 MONTHS! Dang, CZ opened before planning even started on EPKI(May 2003). Carowinds Zone turns two years old tomarrow, I wonder if there will be cake. :bangin:


BTW, I love the smilies.

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