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Cedar Fair Purchases Paramount Parks

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First: Does it really matter if it's necessarily POPULAR? KI could build a ride called Spongebob's Adventure inside a building but it could have no thing to do with Spongebob at all. Would it be popular? Yes. But would the ride suck? Yes. Same with Scooby-Doo. That ride was EMBARASSING. When I rode that thing for the first time, throughout the entire ride I was thinking "They replaced Phantom Theater with this peace of poo?" Sorry, but Scooby-Doo is a bad ride. Half-way through riding it my gun stopped working. There is no real story at all. All the characters are 2D cutouts. You can see wirework and fire extenguishers throughout the ride. I don't recall having ANY of that in Phantom...


Second: About PT. Phantom Theater was an excellent ride, on par with The Haunted Mansion at WDW/DLR. It had a very simple story, some great animations, and a wonderful attention to detail. I remember when I was very young, all I wanted to do was ride PT. Over and over again. So what if it scares young kids? So does Haunted Mansion, but does Disney close that? Plus, it could make its triumphant return... someday. Pretty much of all of the props and robotics are just in storage. They could put it back together.


...if they wanted to...



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