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Two New Staff Positions Available

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In order to provide more in-depth photo and video coverage, we have opened up two new staff positions:




Reserve Photographer


Description: The Reserve Photographer will be responsible for covering events at the park that myself or HOYS are unable to attend, and other general photos such as construction photos of current projects at the park.


Requirements: Applicants must be a registered member of the EPKI Forums prior to applying, and must own a good digital camera of at least 3.2 Megapixels. Must have a high-speed Internet connection to email me the high-res images to be edited and placed in the Photo Gallery.






Description: The Videographer will be responsible for shooting and editing videos for the EPKI Video Gallery. I will continue to do basic videos of events, however since I am not the best video editor, things such as general music videos will be your responsibility.


Requirements: Must own a digital video camera (Digital-8 or MiniDV), a good editing program with the ability to save vidoes using the MPEG-4 codec, and a high speed Internet connection to email me the videos for posting. The Videographer will be provided with full-size EPKI logoes to use on the beginning and end of the videos.




Anyone interested for these positions, please PM me on the forums or email me at webmaster@extremepki.com - Please provide your name, previous experience and email contact, and details on the cameras you own. We will collect as many applications as possible, and thoroughly review them. The people who are chosen for the positions will be notified as soon as we finish our review.




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