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  1. unbelievable. I thought the park had at least one more year left. This is really sad, I was hoping to go there so I could remember the attractions more clearly than when I went I was younger. R.I.P SFKK.
  2. Can they be photos that are Halloween Haunt related?
  3. Wow, thats shocking! I'm glad, I don't really like Cedar Fair so hopefully Apollo does good if they buy CF.
  4. So far the Online Store isn't that great but it will probably be better after a while.
  5. I kept repressing this thought hoping wasn't real but now I can't escape the reality. This is depressing.
  6. Nick you are strange but anyways I'm happy they are getting little dipper next year. It will be a great addition to their kids area.
  7. I wonder if they'll auction off Voyages old trains! :D
  8. Dragon Iron and Mantis Mantis I like this photo! Have you ever noticed these random poles going through Millies track. Shoot The Rapids A Great Waste of Space Mean Streak being Mean It's So Boring But People Are Riding It! Horseshoe Roll Lift! Cool Photo Maverick is Heavenly Too Bad we Didn't get to ride it this visit. Gemini station reminds me of the 80's. JUST OPEN ALREADY! Waaaaa I love you! I don't remember seeing you at cp! Power Tower Raptor I wish you would have opened. Demon Drop I Will Miss You Depressing sadness Why do you have to go to Knotts! Wicked Twister Nerd Shot I Leave You One Last Photo of DD! (Note I took many more photos but I didn't feel like posting them all!)
  9. First of all sorry for not posting this earlier. We left at about 7:50 for CP. We stopped at about 11:00 for some Sonics near Dayton which was alright but not as good as the last time I had it. well anyways we arrived at about 12:00 and I was beyond excited. This had been the first time in a year since I had been to CP in a year (I know its lame but I live in Indianapolis and I don't have a license). It didn't seem crowded to me by the way the parking lot looked. We parked in the soak city lot so we could take the more scenic route. We got out and noticed it was a little chillier than we expected so we threw on some extra shirts and headed off to Magnum. It had a small wait but due to wind it closed for about 15 minutes. Once it reopened we only waited 10 minutes. We got on and it was the best ride I've ever had on Magnum. Last time I rode it, it seemed like the airtime was painful but this time it wasn't and the trims were off! I wanted a re-ride but the que started to fill up since it opened. Next we went to ride TTD but it was closed due to the wind. It started testing so we waited in line for about ten minutes before they got a call saying it would be closed so being the type who hopes for the best but unluckily it didn't reopen so we waited for an hour for nothing. We decided to leave line and head to Millie since it was open. We got their and noticed the huge line but since we had only ridden Maggie we decided to wait in it. We were about half way through the line when not iced people looking at something and seeing people standing on the railing. I thought it was just something dumb like they were taking one of millies trains off and putting it on the transfer track (which they did later on) but then I noticed a stretcher go into the que, later they brought someone out but I couldn't tell the extent of his injury. I just thought he probably was sitting on the railing and fell off. Well any ways two hours went by and we were up. Nick and his dad rode second to back while I waited one more train for back which was probably a good choice since they had sleet when they rode and it ended when I got on. It was a pretty nice ride on Millie but not as memorable as my other times on it. It may have been since it was so cold though. When i got off I was going down the exit ramp and somebody tried to spit on me which made me really mad. I hate how disrespectful most of the general public is. After that we made our way to Los Gato's to get some amazing tacos. It was funny the park was so crowded Los Gato's had a huge line. The tacos were pretty good and it was nice watching Maverick go through its layout. We ate fairly quick and looked at Mavericks queue which was outrageous. It was way out of the queue so we we went and looked at Mean Streak's queue which was a 45 minute wait. So we headed to Gemini. It had a 30 minute wait but due to bad weather it was closed. So we waited for 10 minutes but nothing seemed to happen so we left the queue. So we walked around and it started raining. I filmed a little as we walked to Power Tower. It was a 15 minute wait. While we were in line we saw multiple line jumpers but for once a ride op made them get in the back of the line. We got on and had an alright ride on it. Seemed better last year though. Once we got off we noticed Corckscrew reopened so we went to it and waited for 10 minutes. The ride ops seemed a lot more lively then most of the parks ride ops. Overall I had a nice ride on Corckscrew. We sat 6-1. After that we headed to Demon Drop and as we walked we gazed at Raptor hoping it would open. Once we were in line for DD I started taking as many photos and videos as I could since it would be the last time I would see it in Sandusky. My main focus was on it making sure I didn't miss one glimpse of it. We waited 20 minutes for it which seemed pretty long for DD. I had an amazing ride on DD and I will always remember it. I know its just going to Knotts but I have a feeling I won't be able to ride it there. After that we went over to Wicked Twister and it had 20 minute wait. It was pretty fun but it sucked when Nick's Dad announced after Wicked Twister we would leave. I wasn't angry though because I understood it would be a long ride home and it was bitterly cold. We then and hit our last ride of the night chaos which was a disappointment. Then we headed to pagoda Gift Shop and I got a Magnum Shirt and a set of Coasters! Well coasters you lay drinks on. we walked out and I couldn't stop looking at CP! Welcome to CP! First glimpse without Millie Entering the park Millie Maggie Mean Streak From Soak City's Parking Lot Corkscrew
  10. I'm really excited for 2010. It's great news they are offering season ride passes, but I wish they would be getting a new attraction also. I also hope they change they're method of checking restraints, cause you remember how bad they did last visit! Yeah they tighten your belt till you could hardly breath!
  11. This is going to be great! IB is such an amazing park and the sheer thought of being able to go there with a pass instead of having to pay for a rides pass every time. I mean i still disagree with the wristband system but I guess it adds to the nostalgic feel of the park. 2010 will be a GREAT year!
  12. Wow this just struck me out of the blue! It makes me very sad though seeing as it is one og my favorite flats and I don't see my self going on a Cali trip any time soon. Maybe in a few years they will relocate to KI and I'll get to ride it as much as I want but that is much more a fantasy then likely.
  13. No she actually did get hurt along with 26 other people. This is the 2006 incident, not the 2009 one. Oh my bad!
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