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  1. The picture of the Vortex is cool, but did they take that piece of track off and put it infront of the gate?
  2. Wow, that is crazy. Kinda make me not want to ride cable launched coasters for a while. Hopefully their injuries are only minor and they will heal quickly.
  3. Sounds like you had a great trip. I have always love the Demon. Its layout is nearly identical (if not identical) to Corkscrew at CP, but they changed the first hill after the drop into a loop and i feel like they have kept it up much better. The corkscrews near the Demon head are great and for their Halloween event they used to dye the water red. I am glad to hear that Batman the Ride's queue themeing has been kept up. I remember when the ride first opened and I was amazed at how great the themeing was. I do miss walking into SFGAm and seeing the double decker carousel over the reflecting pond. The reflecting pond used to get dyed red for halloween as well and they put torches on the water. I'm looking forward to going to Halloween Haunt this year and comparing the theming to what I remember from SFGAm's Halloween event.
  4. 1) Yes it is called hindsight bias when you look back at a decision and base how good that decision was off of the outcome. 2) When walking around Nick U this year I felt like over half of the rides were out of date already. I think the advantage Snoopy has over Nick U is that Snooyp is static. There aren't new episodes coming out or new characters being introduced. Nick U, however, is much more dynamic in the sense that it is based off a TV channel that is constantly changing its programming. Thats great for TV, but for an amusement park it gets expensive to pay someone to retheme your rides every few years because the shows are no longer on TV. Or you have rides sitting around with themes that kids have never heard of. With Snoopy some kids may not know who he is, but after they see him at KI they may go home and watch the holiday specials. By the next year they would know Snoopy and embrace him more. Ultimately I think 2010 will be a rough year for the kids area but in the long run I can see Snoopy being a success. 3) I understand people who grew up in the 90's wanting classic Disney (or the Disney renaissance or whatever you want to call it) to stay at the Disney parks instead of the Pixar movies. Disney parks are meant to be destinations for whole families so if the younger kids who have grown up in the 2000s want to go and see Pixar characters it makes sense that Disney would cater to them. I havn't been to Disney in a long time so I hope they still keep a lot of the classic characters around, but I dont mind the addition of Pixar characters. 4) Honestly I dont think Cedar Fair is any worse at theming than Paramount was. Yes some of the rides paramount themed at KI have been made worse since the CF takeover, however, CF doesn't have bottomless pockets of money that they can make every change all at once. Rebranding the park to remove Paramount had to cost a lot of money. And now we have a pretty well themed Diamondback. I agree that CF has started to get better with themeing new rides and I look forward to them continuing that in the future. 5) Cedar Fair will never have the theming that Disney and Universal have. Most of CFs properties are open 6-7 months a year. Disney and Universal are open 12 months a year. That means for roughly 5 months a year the theme parks in Florida are the only place to go to ride coasters and other rides. That allows them to make a lot of money over those months, which they can then pour into theming their rides more heavily. I could be wrong but I believe those parks also charge higher admission prices which allows them to spend more on things like theming. Those are my thoughts on everything that I've been reading in this topic. Personally I am ok with Nick leaving because I think half of the theme was out of date anyway. Scooby leaving is terrible and I would much rather see the whole kids area go Scooby or HB. Hopefully they will retheme the haunted castle to something good.
  5. It looks like a solid addition to me. With two large drops riders are not going to get wet, they'll get soaked! I especially like the incorporation of the waterfall and hopefully other water effects into the ride.
  6. ^^I saw the video of the Whyte Lightning promotional box. Hasn't really helped me figure anything else out. Only thing it really confirmed was the definite name and that it will be using MF island. Also somewhere CP said something about the feud going on up river leaving me to believe it will be a water ride of some sort. We'll know for sure Thursday!
  7. I can tell you that SFGAm has some great rides. I grew up with that as my home park, although it has been almost 10 years since i've been there. I havn't ridden Superman, but I've heard great things. The original Batman ride is great. The whole queue used to have great themeing, which hopefully hasn't changed. I liked the old colors the track was painted (black) as opposed to its current yellow color. Iron Wolf is a solid stand-up and B&Ms first coaster as an independent company, although I have heard that time hasn't been too good to it lately. Raging Bull is much different than Diamondback from what I remember, but I only rode it a few times. The first drop is great, especially in the front seat. You can't see the track because it drops straight into a tunnel. I could go on about how much I love that park, or at least how it used to be. I was really disappointed when I found out that they added mandatory lockers to every ride in the park for this season. Keep that in mind when planning your trip.
  8. Definitely an interesting move by Disney. But then again, with how popular spider-man and iron-man have been lately its not a huge surprise that they would want to bring those characters to Disney. They could certainly use some cartoon shows on their TV channel. I doubt the main motivation for the bid was to get the characters out of Universal and the Marvel area of Islands of Adventure. $4 billion just to get people to go to the theme park seems unrealistic to me. I'm guessing the bigger part of the deal was the movie and tv possibilities. Its also not official yet so there is always the possibility that something will fall through, but most likely Marvel will be acquired by Disney. I wouldn't get too excited for Marvel to come to Disney parks soon because it obviously takes several years of planning to get new rides planned and built.
  9. I agree with a lot of people that the ride looks better than I expected. I was expecting something closer to a DB clone than they got. I hope that final helix is as fun and forceful as it looks from the renderings. I have a feeling this will be ranked right up there with Diamondback. I may have to make a trip to Carowinds afterall next year.
  10. So I know a lot of people including myself have said Intamin flume, however, according to screamscape it was said at Maverick's ERT a few nights ago that it would be a family friendly ride and you wouldn't get wet. I'm pretty well done speculating at this point because I am really lost. Obviously it is going to be near MF (hence the logo on the bottle and the picture above) and cross over to the island. Beyond that I have no idea.
  11. I dont remember seeing that dog before, lol.
  12. Seems like its only a matter of time before they announce it for KI.
  13. It doesn't have to be intamin, but they've hinted at and not eliminated Intamin and GCI for their new ride. I stilll believe it will be an Intamin log flume ride, but they did hint at GCI as well.
  14. So Intamin log flume or a wooden coaster will be new at the point next year.
  15. I think the big problem is everyone on the web overhyped how big and bad this ride was going to be. The majority of people seemed to think it would be the tallest gravity coaster and the fact that it isnt was a hug let down. I know I voiced my complaints from looking at the layout, however, that does not mean I am still not excited for the new ride. The POV made the ride look a lot better to me than when i started analyzing the layout. Obviously this is going to be a great ride. A 300 foot drop is breath taking and not something most coaster riders experience very often. The fact that its 5 degrees steeper than MF makes it even more exciting. The thing I am most worried about is how forceful some of those transitions will be. They are most likely perfect and wont cause much head banging because Intamin is a great designer, but its still my main concern. I did say in one of my previous posts that I dont believe it will be as good as MF, however, I'll wait til I ride it to make the final verdict (although I probably need to go to CP again and ride MF to make a good comparison). And while I have complained that there is no airtime on I305 that is because i prefer airtime on coasters to speed.
  16. ^I completely agree. As fast as Intimidator 305 will be, i'd rather have the airtime machine we have in Diamondback that a giga with what appears to be very little airtime. I do agree, however, that the layout does fit the theme very well. It would fit the theme even better if they were only left turns, lol. Anyway, we could all be surprised at how it turns out in the end. The track is very low to the ground which could give a unique sensation of speed and danger. With the OTS lap bars and the lack of airtime I doubt it will be better than MF though.
  17. I agree, I am a little disappointed that there is no big second hill. KD has lots of land I dont know why they didn't make more use of it. The first drop will be awesome, but going 90 mph through some of those s-curves could be painful, especially with those restraints. I hit my head hard enough on them with Maverick. It almost worries me that they are going to trim the crap out of this coaster. Anyone else notice in the animation that there is a curve out of the second hill into a short straight piece then into the next curve. I'm betting a huge trim goes there. I can say I am definitely a little disappointed with the length of the ride and only 2 trains, however, I am mixed on how good I think it will be when it is done. No doubt it will feel short and fast, but right now I am not sure what to expect for how good of a ride it will give.
  18. That could be a way to read it as well. I know a lot of people on here don't like Mantis, but whenever I am at CP it always seems to have a long line. I personally like it, but maybe its because i grew up riding a standup so the restraint doesnt bother me as much as it does other people.
  19. Well CP's twitter confirmed no B&M at CP next year. Not that a B&M had been rumored, but still confirmation. Come on intamin and GCI.
  20. Even if another park bought and relocated BBW, it wouldn't be the same. First, the coaster is very specific to BGE's terrain so it would take a lot of land moving to successfully relocate the ride. Second, if someone spent all that money to move it, I am not sure they would spend the money to theme the first half of the ride with buildings and such, which are a big part of what makes the first half of the ride so great. Then again, they could say we already paid to move it lets theme it. Third, I would actually be a little surprised if BGE would sell it at a reasonable price since it was one of their signature coasters for so long they may not want another park to have it even if they get ride of it. Although if a park did buy it, I would love for KI to get it and possibly put it in place of flight deck if it would fit. If I get bored I may try to photoshop what that would look like later.
  21. I thought it used to run 3 trains all of the time. I may be remembering wrong since that was a while ago, or I could have just been there on a busy day so they were using 3.
  22. The ride looks sweet! Can't wait to go to HW next year! I havn't been in 3 or 4 years so its about time I go again.
  23. Anyone considered the fact that the SOB crew hasn't been running the coaster for over a month? And why would they move the crew back to SOB for less than a month of operations? Just something to keep in mind.
  24. Holiday World announced on their twitter its $5.5 million and 2.1 acres. So its going to be big whatever it is. They keep calling it a ride too so I am less inclined to believe it will be the aqua quest or splash battle. I'm pretty convinced at this point its a proslide rocket.
  25. New hints from the Holiday World Twitter: Anyone know the size of the typical Proslide or Splash Battle? Another hint in the holiday blog as pointed out by screamscape, look at the bottom picture on this link and below the cookie there is a proslide logo. First News Story
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