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  1. PKIVortex

    Kings Island Giant Stocking Giveaway

    I entered!
  2. PKIVortex

    PTR:Cedar Point 10/24/2009

    Yes Sunday was great at the point. :)
  3. PKIVortex

    Chang officially being removed

    OUCH T2. Hang 'N' Bang!
  4. PKIVortex

    Kanye Disses KIExtreme

    Am I missing something?
  5. PKIVortex

    Trip Report 9/12/09

    You mean Invertigo right. :) just giving you a hard time...
  6. PKIVortex

    SOB Down but not out... yet

    Well what do you expect for a 218 foot 78 MPH woody?
  7. PKIVortex

    SOB Down but not out... yet

    Then it would be a steel coaster and not a woody.
  8. PKIVortex

    America's Best Roller Coaster!

    Paramount's Kings Island? What's that? LOL
  9. PKIVortex

    Son Of Beast closed again

    That doesn't mean the ride will reopen next week. I'm sure the park will then have to make a decision on what to do after the investigation is complete. We have no idea what the results of said investigation will be. I have a feeling SOB is done for the year, if not for ever.
  10. PKIVortex

    Favorite Night Ride

    Diamondback and The Beast for real!!! :)
  11. PKIVortex

    October Kings Island Quiz Posted

    2nd for me too.
  12. I haven't seen you in forever!

  13. PKIVortex

    Ride descriptions...

    The reason why the picture of Invertigo on visitkingsisland.com has blue supports because it in indeed the picture of Invertigo at Great America. Paramount has used that pic on the Kings Island website since the year that Face/Off opened.
  14. PKIVortex

    Official Rivertown Construction Thread

    That is a lot of clearing by the train.
  15. PKIVortex

    How Do You Feel About The Name Changes?

    Cause Drop Zone is a name of a Paramount Movie.