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  1. Anyone find it ironic that they put it to a 'Brady Bunch' song? lol
  2. DING!!!!! If I had a million dollars to give you for winning the prize, you would get it. But, I don't. So....you get to post the next coaster. How about that?!?!?! PS: Sorry for late response.
  3. The Interpreter, I now know not to trust Fox 41 for my news information. lol
  4. I actually watched this story air tonight. What they are saying is the KSFB has reached an agreement between Six Flags and themselves. Six Flags has agreed to turn over all the land that they owned (which is the whole entire park, as is; the 60 acres they owned to be more specific). With that, all the rides that are there as well as buildings have now been turned over to KSFB with the exception of the "Wild Mouse" Roadrunner Express. In exchange for all that, KSFB would pay Six Flags $2 million (for who knows what, it's Six Flags lol) and forgive all of the debit on rent that the company owed
  5. A gravitron? You mean one of the rides you see at a county fair?
  6. Are you all stumped as to what coaster it is? BTW, thanks for the photo fix PKIDelirium.
  7. Agreed Geauga Dog! I have a question that my cousin brought to my attention a while back. Does anyone know if they have switched the comp program that Delirium uses to the same one used on the one at CP? He told me that the ride on Delirium is longer, it goes higher, and faster.
  8. I have been thinking for quite some time and I think I have a good idea for the X-base area of the park. What about adding a S&S/Arrow 4-D coaster? It would take the X-base area to a whole new level. What are you all's thoughts about this?
  9. I'll be in the seat directly behind you!!!! haha I have a question: Has anyone been to KI to see if there is a train on the transfer track? That will be the ultimate sign that they are/were doing testing....unless they want to keep it a massive secret and take the train off of the track after the testing. Plus, you will know if SoB is testing because who can miss that distinctive sound the anti-rollback makes as the train climbs the lift or as it releases at the crest of the hill?
  10. When I was at the park on May 15, there was absolutely nothing going on at SoB. Obviously, there is a big difference between now and May. While I'm not getting my hopes up, I still hope that this is true!!! =D
  11. Given all of the recent/fairly recent improvements on Vortex (such as new paint job, keeping the trains up to modern codes and etc.) I don't see Vortex going anywhere anytime soon. It is in really good shape for it's age and has proven to stand the test of time. Also, reliability is really good and guests still line up to ride again and again. Like PKIDelirium stated earlier (and I was already aware of this personally) S&S took over Arrow's part business. So, parts are still around for Arrow coasters. The park can also still salvage parts from a Arrow that's being scrapped as well more tha
  12. Geauga Dog, I hope that it will be back up and running for your visit. But, if the part is not in yet then I would definitly say that it wouldn't be up. However, considering that a crane has been seen by Delirium the part might be in and they might be getting ready to put it back on the ride. I hope that it is up and running soon because it's one of my favorite flat rides. :D
  13. That's great! I wonder if its the same major part that broke on it back in 2005 (?). That would be ironic. Does the crane mean that the part could be here and they are putting it on or does it mean they are removing it?
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