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  1. hey guys, ya i didnt ride diamondback, that review was from my cousin. idk why he does not like it, it seems way to cool. but i migt ride it this summer and i cant wait.
  2. You can have you own opinion, even if it's a bad one, but there is No Way You Could be telling the truth. I've Ridden 78 Coasters, and Diamondback is my #1, it beets Goliath, Maverick, Millennium Force, Raging Bull, everything! How in the world do you think Diamondback is rough? If you wan to feel rough and ride Mean Streak. The one trim it had, was kind of strong, but it did no way ruin the ride in the single bit... He's a troll. All he did was take other people's reviews on sites like TPR and exaggerate their thoughts to upset people. I doubt he's even stepped foot in Kings Island. lol troll your hilarious. and yes i have, what do you think i do when theres a coaster opening near where i live? so i went and i didnt like it at all. alot of people didnt also at the park. i went with some friends and they hated the ride. but its your parks coaster defend the crap out if it. poeple even said its a good ride BUT not the best b&m hyper, when behemoth was concidered one of the best(besides sliver star :mad: )
  3. You do realize you are probably the only Internet user in existance who believes that? :lol: You're entitled to your own opinion though. no, alot of people liked behemoth and others over this, dude the trims kill the ride so much, more than behemoth, airtime is not strong, and its also a bit rough.
  4. hey guys, i just want to ell you i went on diamondback, and it is one of the most dissapointing hypers ever. air time sucked, it was rough, the trims killed more than behemoths trims, it was a big letdown. i just want to say that the splash down didn't help the ride and my prediction was right, this ride really sucks. 1.5/10.
  5. thanks man, i feel better now. but ya your right both of our coasters are cream of the crop. plus we both might get something big in 2010 or 2011 also.
  6. i counted all the drops and i only counted 9 drops.
  7. oh god, fine ill admit it, as much as i love behemoth, this looks cooler, layout wise and forest wise. and logo and trains are the same but this one looks cooler compared to behemoths space like ones.
  8. plus the ride goes really good with those new trees and the greenness of canadian grass. =), and i've been on a coaster at night in the woods, never been to ki.
  9. Coasters don't always matter about height or speed. It also has to do with the themeing and the atmosphere. The excitement. The fear. Diamondback zooms back into the woods. I can't wait to ride it during the night! That helps add excitement, which helps coasters become a sucess. yup only the woods for you guys, on behemoth your near the higway, lake, over backlot,waterpark, people right next to it look how close the people are on the return from the track, plus near the parking lot, imagine a ride over your car, and at night its even better, the break and all over the line plus the big BEHEMOTH letters.
  10. he got 88 mph when he was on beheomoth?? I thought that you had to keep those things in your pockets while the ride was in motion.:P nah i put a lot of duct tape on it and on his wrist. went on it to, they used only one trim break and had more airtime the second time i went on it.
  11. well, behemoths drop is about 228 f.t, and so it has 3 trim breaks but it only uses one but it does goes fast. my friend got one of them speed detectors, and he said on behemoth he got 88 m.p.h. anyways behemoth still own even tho this ride isnt build yet or near it.
  12. Lol, I've wondered how high the hammerhead is. its not a hammerhead, its just a turn around at a sharp angle.
  13. orbiter is still there, i thought it was gonna be removed but i guessed not. but i also heard or read somewhere even tho its not about this year that all former paramoun parks are gonna get a coaster in 2010.. or just wonderland and other park, but i dont know if its true. but i want a slingshot at wonderland this year, the worlds tallest and fastest.
  14. another flat ride, 2 flat rides, splashworks or nothing at all?, i think we should get either a flat or splashworks expansiton, if anyone has to or wants to say something, its here.
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