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  1. I'm thankful my cell phone messaging works. It's been awhile since I have been on here, so thanks to the staff for sending out the update. I'm saddened and hopeful about this development. Everyone knows that I like Cedar Fair and what they have done with the park. I just hope this new company does us all good. Considering they are going to be taking over the. 1.6Billion dollar debt, I can bet we still won't see to much major spending for awhile. Ryan
  2. And now you know why I don't post here at this site anymore. As for the display....incredibly bad taste. My respect for KI has really dropped several notches. If I am the reason that you don't post anymore than I am sorry. I never seek out to demean anyone or make anyone feel stupid. It is just hard for me because I seem to be the only person who feels the way I do, so I have to make myself heard. I know a lot of people don't agree with me but that shouldn't keep me from posting my opinion. Also, I don't have a problem with everything you post. If you read my whole post you will see that I did say that the skeletons were in poor taste. I'm sorry to everyone that I have nitpicked at. I like to play devils advocate a lot and sometimes it gets out of hand when something I am disagreeing with is something I have a solid opinion about. Ryan
  3. You go on and on and on and on.....well you get the point about how you don't like what Cedar Fair has done with the park. I think this is the 3rd or 4th time you have mentioned the whole "Bringing Kings Island back to the way it was thing." To be honest the rhetoric is getting old. I'm all for arguing different sides but when you continue to use the same logic it is hard to not feel like you are one sided. From what I can recall you seem to have been not happy with the way Cedar Fair has handled the theming around the park. But now that they have really gone at it with the theming and pulling out seemingly all the stops, you get angry? They really attacked this whole Halloween thing to make it the best event possible with theme and atmosphere and now you are mad? As far as your argument for Winter Fest and them not really emphasizing Halloween and the past and therefore it isn't Classic Kings Island, thats just not right. We ALL know when they did bring Winter Fest back it was a bust and they lost a lot of money. Why would they keep at it when they continue to loose money on something that isn't in high demand. Second, back when Winter Fest was big and Halloween was not at Kings Island, I submit to you that that is how it was in society. Halloween didn't used to be this big thing that we know it as today. At most kids used to just go door to door in their costumes. There didn't used to be all of these haunted houses to go to. How can you blame a company that is in business to MAKE MONEY to not try and capitalize on the market conditions? You can only get so Classic before you can't get anymore Classic and still make money. As far as the skeletons. Yea they probably are not the greatest idea in the world. But I revert back to the theming. Also, some of the celebs I had even forgot had died this year, like McNair, so for me it was a nice reminder that, "Hey, yea I forgot about that, what a sad story". Ryan
  4. Son of Beast would be in the sad condition it is in no matter if Paramount or Cedar Fair owns it. The only difference is that Paramount would have probably opened it back up this year. So, to list it under Paramount is kind of a red herring. It doesn't belong under Cedar Fair either. You also cannot blame Cedar Fair for loosing the Drop Zone logo, the Park name, or the Face Off name. Mainly because they don't own the rights to them obviously. Finally to want to have Diamondback AND Swan Lake is just not right. I have a feeling Diamondback may have been on the planning board for Paramount KI before CF even bought the park, CF just made it a reality. Ryan
  5. There are some surprises and some that were like "DUH" in here this year. http://www.amusementtoday.com/corndog/2009gtawinners.html You will notice that Cedar Point still won Best Amusement Park. Holiday World still won Best Water Park. Bizzaro won best steel coaster with Millie coming in at 2nd. The cool thing for us at Kings Island is we gathered 41% of the vote for best Kiddie area! Now as a surprise I'm going to list this. Prowler won Best New Ride for 2009. Diamondback got second. That to me isn't all that surprising. However, even with Diamondback getting 2nd in that vote it somehow got into the top 10 steel coasters in the world. Not only did it get top 10 but 7th! Don't get me wrong, I loved Diamondback and all, but I just don't see it. Either way it was a pretty good year as far as Kings Island is concerned in my opinion. Ryan
  6. Yes, I'm sorry but I can't help to laugh at how hypocritical that whole post was based on not only your signature but also on the 100s of posts you have made before on this subject and others relating to it. Ryan
  7. Ty, I 100% agree. We can't go into it expecting to have hardcore theming on everything. Cedar Fair does not have the money Disney does to do the things they do. I think Cedar Fair has done a lot better job of making a story or theme idea for their rides recently though and that was the point I was trying to make. Ryan
  8. If you have seen the drawings for the Intimidators you would know that they are going to be doing up a whole plaza for each with theming to the nines. Dragster's theme is still pretty solid if you think about it. I mean what all can you do with that theme that they haven't done. IMO it is better than Kingda Ka's theme. Maverick's theming is just fine really. I can't think of many more rollercoasters that are more themed throughout the ride than Maverick is. Dueling Dragons and Montu I think are the best at theming during the ride. Maverick is right up there in total experience in theming before and after. Sure Disney and Univeral Studios may beat it out but those are THEME parks not amusement parks. Shoot the Rapids does have theming coming with it. Including a cool station and the Moonshine distillery that you will see along the ride. CF I think is getting a lot better at doing this theming stuff due to hearing your cries. Beyond that, I know that you all miss the days of Kings Island being better themed. But I think with CF we will be better off in the long run as far as rides, cleanliness, and overall experience. Again, this is an amusement park not a theme park. Ryan
  9. I can agree that it is saddening that they are getting rid of Scooby Doo. I admit I will be missing him as I was and am a big Scooby fan. I think they will put something nice in his place though. Maybe they will bring back Phantom Theatre? Ryan
  10. Ok, I have sat back and watched you guys trash Cedar Fair this whole time. I guess the saying "You can't please everyone" is more true than I realized. Cedar Fair is doing a much, MUCH better job of theming and keeping up with their rides and attractions in just the last few years than they have in years past. I understand that the perception of Cedar Fair is that they couldn't give a crap how well something is themed or kept up but if you just look back in the recent past you can see they are trying harder. Maverick, Diamondback, The new additions to Carrowinds and Kings Dominion and heck even Top Thrill were all given good themes that obviously are going to be well kept or have been well kept. Even Cedar Point's new water ride for next year is getting a solid theme. Now just because most of us on this forum grew up with Nick characters and knew them better than the Peanuts gang does not mean this is a bad move. To be honest I am very happy about it. I think the Peanuts characters are very smooth and classic and will be able to stay around longer than the Nick characters whom all seem to get replaced every few years for new shows etc. Now maybe we should all take a step back and see how this new kids theme turns out before we blast it to heck. I mean the Peanuts gang seems to work just fine for Cedar Point. Ryan
  11. 1. Intamin 2. GCI 3. B&M 4. Gravity Group 5. Arrow 6. Philadelphia Toboggan Company 7. Premier 8. Mack 9. S&S Power 10. RCCA 11. Zamperla 12. Vekoma
  12. To bad I will be renewing my Platinum Pass. I can't wait to see if they give us any kind of big discount on those this year. Ryan
  13. You guys might want to check this out.
  14. So Intamin log flume or a wooden coaster will be new at the point next year. Why does it have to be Intamin. To be honest I would love to see a Mack log flume ride at the Point. Ryan
  15. Quick question. Is Dinosaur the Ride still there?
  16. I also have to agree with pretty much everything in here on quality and such. I LOVED the 50's diner as well. However when I was there I was around 14 or 15 (we are hoping to make a trip back down there soon because it is WELL overdue). When I left the table to go use the restroom the waiter said "Better make sure to wash your hands". After using the bathroom and getting back to the table my waiter checked my hands to make sure I had washed. He determined that I didn't do a good enough job and sent me back to do it again. Another cool thing to note was that the soap was the powdered soap they used to use back then. Not the liquid type we use now. Ryan
  17. "Cedar Point witnessed many people enjoying the intamin settting of the park at sunset..." From Cedar Point's FB page http://www.facebook.com/cedarpoint?ref=ts Ryan
  18. I understand the hatred as I have the same feelings towards trims most of the time. However, most of the time trims on a coaster could be for two reasons: 1) Mostly for wooden coasters trims are used to reduce the speed of the train and therefore how much stress is put onto the structure itself. This is why SOB switched train styles and also why Mean Streak has trims on the first drop. Without doing so the structure would fail. 2) To increase ride interval. This is especially true for rides like Mantis. When it originally opened Mantis ran with 3 trains. So, in order to make sure they didn't stack trains to often they put the trim on the first drop to make the ride time longer. Now that they run with 2 trains they often leave the trims off. Especially this year in my 3 trips to CP I have only noticed these trims being on once. Ryan
  19. I'm going to have to go ahead and agree that this year they do seem to be a bit 'off'. They hardly ever do an extended speil on TTD anymore. :( Last year's crews were much better IMO ryan
  20. According to this press release: http://www.cedarfair.com/ir/press_releases/index.cfm Cedar Fair spent $62 million for '09. Now you have to consider all that this includes and DOES'NT include. For one it does not include Dominator being moved to KD. If they were to account that as a new coaster it would be much higher. Also, consider that Cedar Fair has basically done all it can do with the old Geagua Lake coasters. So, if they are going to add a new coaster to a park it will not be a relocation, it will probably be built from scratch. Finally let me re-iterate. Dick Kinzel CEO of Cedar Fair has said that the cap ex for the company this year is "quite impressive". I don't know exactly what that means... but I can guess it is bigger than $62 mil Ryan
  21. I HOPE at least Cedar Point is getting a new coaster this upcoming year. The fact that BooBuzz is also having a private tour of the island during the event this year to me points that there is something brewing. It may end up being a private construction tour. I'm hoping for a woodie, but I don't know. They need to really get started soon though unless they can put the whole thing up over the off-season. Ryan
  22. Why not? It has been three years since their last huge coaster investment and according to Kinzel, this years cap ex apparently is quite impressive. Ryan
  23. No need to apologize. I knew my second post, the one that got removed was a bad idea the second I posted it, which is why I edited it and put ***Edited for Stupidity*** and consequently was removed. I don't know if you saw that one before it was removed and something in there set you off or it was something in my first post. Either way I am sorry and I promise to you that no harm was meant in either post. Ryan
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