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  1. The fellow who played Jody is still alive. His name is Johnny Whitaker. (He was a very popular child actor... even starring in a few notable movies such as Disney's Tom Sawyer.) However Buffy (Anissa Jones) died at a very young age in 1976 of a drug overdose. The overdose is one of the worst on record in CA. Her death was one of the first child actor deaths to make national news. It demonstrated the reality of children that were raised in front of a TV camera, only to be discarded after productions ceased. I recall hearing of her death from all the newscasts discussing it. It shocked
  2. Those pieces look like station track to me. It's the station track, and the start of the lift. B&Ms typically have their final brake run/station track erected first. This has to be reptilian and I think that it is "Anaconda." I am keeping my lips sealed here... but thought I'd mention this: "There are two species of anacondas, Eunectes murinus and Eunectes notaeus. Murinus is known as the green anacond and notaeus is known as the yellow. Respectively yellows are canary yellow (to faded yellow) with black and greens are Forest green (to a muddy green color) with black, the
  3. Flight of Fear in Coney Mall This one made sense to me. Seeing as how many other rides in Coney have had a "space" type theme. Zephyr Halley's Comet Vortex Skylab Zodiac
  4. Steep Incline Ahead.- This makes me nervous, because a dive machine has a steep incline- 90-degrees. Of course, a hyper-coaster could also have a very steep drop. No, a dive machine has a 90 degree drop. INCLINE indicates the the lift will be steeper than normal. Juding by the short spacial area from what appears to be the station footings to the midway, a tall coaster would require a steep lift. Shaggy
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