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  1. ^I can't find the store either now....I guess they haven't posted it up on the main site. Someone sent me the link, But it now looks like Iv'e lost it. I'm at school right now so I really can't go and find it.
  2. Is it a possibility that it won't get rethemed to Snoopy at all? The Haunted Castle never really fit in with the Nick theme so why does it one have to now? If it's going to be Snoopy themed it will be interesting on how they interpret snoopy into the ride.
  3. It's a nice little online store. Although, It's expensive but it's about the same as you would see at the park.....I ordered a Diamonback Mousepad! :)
  4. I really do love Flight Deck and I can see that it CAN become of what it used to be. I really would like to see the theme more involved, now it's just a grey coaster. If it wasn't for the name you wouldn't know what it's themed to. I would also like to see it repainted, it really needs it. With a little love here and there Flight Deck can become are really great ride again.
  5. Bush Gardens has already sealed it's fate...no petition will stop it. But don't you worry I bet Bush Gardens has something just as good up there sleeves.
  6. Awesome trip report! Pilgrams Plunge looks massive. I can't wait to go up there and ride it.
  7. Great TR! Glad to see you like Diamonback!
  8. After looking at the area, it is definitely not big enough to occupy two rides unless they were small flats like Scrambler, Monster, ect...But I could see a S&S Swing being put there. There really fun, high capacity and I hear they are fairly cheap.
  9. I honestly think we have seen the last of SoB, I just can't see Cedar Fair putting money into it again.
  10. 4! I hope to get it up to 10 atleast!
  11. So I guess they decided not to investigate? My prayers are with the family.
  12. See...That would be a perfect voicemail! Send them in People! :)
  13. Chang is in fairly good shape, I never had noticed any water around Chang except in the trenches where it's supposed to be. The paint is fading but not horribly. You can only notice it is when your riding it. They have ran 3 trains before. In fact just last weekend they ran 3. SFKK has had many improvements ans is continuing it's mission of fulfilling thrills in the bluegrass! -Cody, A long time visitor of SFKK
  14. Just to let you know, I am Cody Johnson and I am thrilled to expand this podcast to KIE!
  15. My new Arrow Lopper, The Bengal! Set to day view 2/1/09! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAbIFQH3k4U Oh and you might want to watch it in HQ!
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