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  1. 2 or 3 days should be enough. Considering your trip is in July, expect at least and hour to an hour and a half wait for the major coasters. I would recommend staying at the Breakers Express. Its not really the nicest hotel but it is relatively cheap and it gets you into the park an hour early for ERT. I would STRONGLY recommend a Platinum Pass though expecially if you are going to Kings Island. As far as eating in the park. We always go to Midway Market. Its an all you can eat buffet. While the food isnt the greatest, it is still really good for the money(about $12 for lunch and $15 for dinner).
  2. im up to a lowly 15 :(, Im hoping for 50 by seasons end.
  3. i understand that you can control them but still, not a priority imo, i want another coaster first.
  4. im sorry, but i dont see why everyone wants the flying eagles back so badly, yes they were fun and nastalgic but cmon, the capacity isnt great and its not so much different then the swings. Yes i went on the ones at KD and they were just ok, but i dont see why everyone always talks about bringing them back.
  5. Giga, reffering to it being over 300ft tall????
  6. assuming that KI is your home park, dont you think you are a bit bias toward DB, I know i probably would be. Oh and im not calling you out or anything, just a simple question. and btw, great PTR
  7. i live an hr away, i have only been twice so far but i think im going again on monday, hopefully theres short waits.
  8. i love how everyones like, oh i have 71, 55, 44, 42, etc...and im sitting here crying my eyes out at only a measly 7, if only i lived in mason :(
  9. I have went in one day. We left at like 6 or 7 am and then got there right after opening(i live near dayton). Then the park closed at 8 and we were back by midnight.
  10. well yea, but any new type of COMFORTABLE trains would be great!
  11. So on the way to my familt reunion in Omaha, we stopped at Worlds of Fun. I had my Platinum Pass already processed but my sister didnt. We walked into the processing area and tried to get her pass processed but they we unable to do so. I asked around and everything but it couldnt be processed so they just gave her a ticket to get in. We went on Prowler first and it was GREAT. It was really fast paced and just plain old fun. 8/10 We then rode it again because it was a walk on. We then headed over to Mamba and there was a minimal wait, however there was only one train running. There is no reason for this IMO. I hate this. So after 15 min wait we rode. Really great and smooth. 8/10 Then was Patriot. Now i figured we would be able to get on and off in 5 min, but of course they only had 1 train running. This is so dumb. We ended up waiting close to 30 min and then as we walked out im sure it was closer to 45. This would been cut in half with 2 trains. Back to the ride. Great, smooth, non stop and just fun. 9/10 We just got back and now we are going to finish up the 3 hr drive to Omaha. Questions? Comments?
  12. yea but vortex is obviously not B&M, Vortex is the obvious first choice for me overall too...Those new Carolina Cobra trains would be nice!
  13. i went last year. they have this thing that you can basically preview the park the day before you go. we went for a few hours one night and then the next morning went for the whole day, same ticket. All the lines mover very fast and they all seem to diminish to like nothing toward the end of the day. We got 10 rides on thunderhead in a row. GREAT ride btw. Mystery Mine wasnt as good as i had hoped but the end was fantastic. Tennessee Tornado was also very smooth(smoothest arrow i have ever been on) but its way too short.
  14. if any B&M in ohio should get new trains, it should be Mantis. Floorless would be nice.
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