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  1. Does anyone know what the day is for the Passholders to ride Diamondback before the park opens?
  2. He also said the that the Crypt had been running more reliably this year than any other year, and that if it keeps running well they may do something with it...
  3. 1. PKIDelirium 2. TG93 3. TRFTW 4. Angrybeaver 5. Gnarkiller 6. Eddie1977 7. standbyme +4 8. cartoon_Freak66 9. Ohiocoasterman 10. Hippohero16 11. Mav+1
  4. Wouldn't it just be spelled "que" then?
  5. Hey this is kinda off-topic, but how is "queue" pronounced? :blush:
  6. No, I meant about building the Scorpion in 4 hours. It takes me like, a month. I was just kidding. :D
  7. Cedar Point has something like this during Halloweekends.
  8. Well, brag about it why don't you :P . Thanks for offering the tech support, I might need it, lol.
  9. ^^ Yeah, great job! I think someone has ridden TR:TR more than once, lol!
  10. Yea, it was pretty cool. And it was weird because it was the first time I have ever ridden it, and I was expecting, like, nothing except a dark room. I also saw where I thought the lava thingy would be and it kinda made me sad cause I imagined how cool it would be with theming but... Oh well, it was still really fun.
  11. I'd just thought I'd mention, when I rode the Crypt a couple weeks ago, the "Durga" carving was clearly visible and highlighted with purple and blue lights. Not 100% sure if those are the colors, but I think thats what happened.
  12. Ok... we probably won't go then. :( Thanks for your help! BTW, what do you think about this Saturday (Aug. 23)?
  13. I can't decide if my family and I should to KI Labor Day Weekend (August 30-32). We WERE going to go Aug. 28 and 29, but it's closed. The reason I don't know if we should go or not is because we don't want it to be so crowded to the point where we can't ride very many rides. I know CP is always packed on Labor Day and wondered how KI would be. Thanks for your help!
  14. Wow Sheikra_rocks, you are so good at Coaster Dynamix! I'm having trouble building the Scorpion and it has directions!
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