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  1. Oldiesmann

    Firehawkboys's PTR of RWCW!

    I rode it about a dozen times during ERT and still didn't get a photo I liked (though their system crashed at one point so for part of that time the camera wasn't even working)
  2. Oldiesmann

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    22 for me including 19 this weekend.
  3. Oldiesmann

    What needs to be removed/fixed at Kings Island!

    The best option for water is to just take a souvenir cup/water bottle with you to the park. Assuming things haven't changed since last year, you can take it to the park with you and have it filled with ice water for free at any food stand. Even the sodas aren't a bad deal as it's only $1.99 to have them refilled with soda.
  4. Oldiesmann

    Ride Warriors Coaster Weekend Details Released!

    I think so, but your best bet would be to call the park at 1-800-288-0808 for more info.
  5. Oldiesmann

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    Yes. Park is open 10am-10pm both Friday and Saturday, though it will likely be crowded on Saturday.
  6. Oldiesmann

    What needs to be removed/fixed at Kings Island!

    Turn off all the lights on FoF and put the fog and special lighting back. An indoor coaster isn't much fun if you can see where you're going...
  7. Oldiesmann

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    Only 3 for me, but I've only been to the park once this season
  8. Oldiesmann

    Is Delirium back up??

    I saw them working on it today... Also, anyone know why Face/Off was closed today?
  9. Oldiesmann

    Is she dead?

    I don't see why they should care - you know what to expect, so you can't sue them if you get injured from riding it multiple times in a row.
  10. Oldiesmann

    What about a new asian themed area?

    Our Tomb Raider is better :P
  11. Oldiesmann

    Is Delirium back up??

    It's unfortunate that it's taking so long to fix, but at least we'll know it's a really safe ride when they finish fixing everything :)
  12. Oldiesmann


    Pretty impressive for a small independently-owned park, but it still can't compare to the Beast.
  13. Oldiesmann

    Filling the grassy noll near happy Days

    You mean like the ones made by Larson International, Inc.? I was just thinking the same thing :)
  14. Oldiesmann

    PKI Trip...

    Beast is best done from the front seat (or at least somewhere near the front). If you're going to be there the entire day, the best time to experience it at night is during the last hour that the park is open (the so-called "power hour") - lots of fun things happen then... Viking Fury - the only way to do this ride is from the very back row on either side. You should also ride the classic flat rides in Coney Mall while you're over there, especially since you've got experience making Monster pods spin. Plus, many of them are near a roller coaster (Monster is next to Racers, Zephyr is near Flight of Fear and Shake Rattle & Roll is near Vortex).
  15. Oldiesmann

    Do you think that HB remains?

    Interesting... a live-action Yogi Bear and new versions of both Yogi and the Jetsons. Even more reasons to keep HB the way it currently is.