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  1. I'm a tad confused. Has KI already announced its plans for next year? You seem upset about getting another expansion to the water park, yet I haven't heard anything about that happening. I will confess...since next year is KI's 40th anniversary, I think they should get something big to celebrate it. Only seems fitting to me. An expansion to the waterpark (if that actually is what they are planning) is hardly exciting to me, and doesn't say "Happy 40th".
  2. And now you know why I don't post here at this site anymore. As for the display....incredibly bad taste. My respect for KI has really dropped several notches.
  3. That's precisely what I'm trying to say. We get something, but a different park gets something bigger and better. I'd simply like, for a change, for KI to get the bigger and better steel coaster that outdoes what you see at other parks.
  4. I guess it's a matter of personal pride...a local thing...and it's about prestige. It's a desire for KI to have THE stand-out attraction that outdoes the others. When you turn on a cable program which showcases major amusement parks, KI isn't exactly known as being the destination park in Ohio. Cedar Point is. When they show major thrill machines, who's coasters are always featured? Cedar Point's. It would be nice for KI to get in on some of that attention for a change. We feel like we're in CP's shadow, and it gets old. So when KD gets its new giga coaster, you can guarantee it's g
  5. Excuse the approaching triple-post. I don't know how to multi-quote different users. Ryan....first, did I actually "B and moan" about getting Diamondback? No, I didn't. Don't read something in my words that isn't there. And yes, the most prominent coasters DO get planned for other parks. KI may have had some "firsts", but they weren't/aren't unique to KI. (And think about something: several of KI's "firsts" have been flops or torn out....The Bat, King Cobra, SOB.) I don't think I need to point out the far superior coasters that can be found at Cedar Point, as well as other
  6. A giga coaster huh? At Kings Dominion, not Kings Island, huh? Typical. More and more I feel like they toss us a bone just to appease us while the more prominent coasters always get planned for other parks. It feels like "Hey, here's a nice B&M for ya' while we plan something bigger and better for KD." I mean, come on....what does it take to finally get something at KI that outdoes something KD gets?? Whatever.
  7. Whoa, hold on....I thought the final piece was supposed to be put in place during a press conference...? Or was it? Anyway, looks great. I wanna ride it in the snow! :P
  8. Let me give you a bit of insight.... When you hear people making comments like that, it's because they are jealous. The only way they know how to release their jealousy is by bashing. The fact that they are saying "it sucks" just shows how off-base they are, because the ride hasn't even opened yet. It's impossible to say what it will be like. So just ignore them. BTW...I decided to take a drive over to KI yesterday. I wanted to take advantage of some sunlight, and snapped this nice little panorama. Seems a little dull to me, but the sun was hitting my lense the wrong way. Anyway
  9. I'd actually consider buying a DVD of that show. I enjoyed it so much that I would catch the show several times a day. I had a season pass, so it didn't bother me if I missed some rides or not. Got to the point where I memorized the songs...and the order in which they were performed! :rolleyes: It was very well choreographed.
  10. Does anyone know if KI keeps a video archive of its shows from years ago? In 1986, there was a show called "Fascinating Rhythm" that was put on at the American Heritage Music Hall (now simply the Kings Island Theater). It pretty much remains my all-time favorite KI show and I would really love to watch it again if it's possible.
  11. I know this is going to sound stupid, so I officially give you permission to tease me. ;) But how come the top of that lift hill doesn't look like it's 230' high? I mean, if you use some visual perspective and look at Vortex in the background, recognizing that it's farther back in the park, comparatively speaking it almost looks like it's in the same ballpark as Diamondback (with respect to height). Is it just me? Are my eyes fooling me? If you were to "push" DB back into the park farther, it's almost kinda hard to see it as being 82' taller than Vortex.
  12. I'd actually rather it stay natural...or is there perhaps some consideration at permitting guest access to the area, along with some rides in the future?
  13. Of course you'll see it from the highway. It's going to be the tallest coaster in the park. Vortex is farther back in the park and since you can see it from the highway, you'll obviously see Diamondback. Edit: Spelling error corrected. I swear one of these days I'll learn to proofread my posts before hitting the submit button.
  14. I hadn't noticed there wasn't one, but if there is a special feature listed on the homepage called "Monthly Park Quiz", it stands to reason there should be one. The last one listed in July 2008.
  15. They simply built the place at a time when the economy was tanking, and people were staying closer to home to save money. Couple that with the threat of some hurricanes this year, and people probably didn't want to risk it. If things hadn't been the way they were, I'm sure they would have done much better.
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