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  1. i had to miss it.:( How was it?.. i heard it was great.
  2. roham002

    The Improved Crypt

    Yes..didn't me and you do that? or was it first seat?
  3. roham002

    Official Rivertown Construction Thread

    Where would they move it to? Good question..If i where to know, i would tell you. But surprising i dont know..When i find out i will let you know what they are going to do with it. :P
  4. roham002

    Kings Island Replica

    What are some of the download expansions that you get?
  5. roham002

    Official Rivertown Construction Thread

    Is it gone for good or just this year? TTDfreak My guess would be that Swan Lake is gone for the whole year and will return next year Swan lake may be moved to another place next year in order fr the new ride to be placed.
  6. roham002

    The Improved Crypt

    There honestly isn't anything to get a picture of. And of course most members on KIE would prefer Tomb Raider, but all new guests and first-time-riders I've ridden with loved it. The "tomb raider" was more of a thrill, but i like the Crypt better because its not as jerky. It also has been improved to make it smoother.
  7. roham002

    Should there be more gold pass benefits?

    Totally!! The prices are rediculous..at least cut us some sort of price break. At least lower the price or refills on regular cups..
  8. Should there be more gold pass benefits?... I think there should be better food and minigame discounts.. The price of the gold pass is great though..
  9. roham002

    Quick question about our new ride.

    I agree..it is HIGHLY unlikely to find magnetic trims placed on a ride before 1990.
  10. roham002

    nick universe going down ?

    I agree..most kids who go to nick universe have never seen the jetsons or flintstones. But the kids have seen and watched the nickolodean characters so they will enjoy it quite more then the older shows and characters. :)
  11. roham002

    Should there be more gold pass benefits?

    Correct..but i was talking about the same time for gold pass members, but atleast 1 hour later for regular people. This will give us(the gold pass members) a little more benefits.And maybe even up the sales of the gold pass. :)
  12. roham002

    Should there be more gold pass benefits?

    Im not talking ONLY about food prices..shorter lines and earlier openings would be good also.
  13. roham002

    Should there be more gold pass benefits?

    Sorry for the double post..got carried away.. and i totally agree. I would like the "more shortcut lines"and the 99cent refills!.. :)
  14. roham002

    Cincinnati Reds Day

    Cheerleaders?.. in baseball!! hm. And it was "Reds Day" and they wouldn't givee autographs! thats why most people went. How stupid?..
  15. roham002

    Son of Beast troubles again?

    I agree..If the ride wasn't shut down and it wasn't on the news...its highly unlikely for it to be ride related.