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  1. Okay. I generally expected that. Thanks. Me and my friends appreciate it. =)
  2. Woowee. It's been a while since I have been on here but I only found it appropriate since I was visiting the park soon to get on here and check out everything. I'm super pumped for my trip. It's going to be me, my boyfriend, my friend whom we call Straw, and his friend Callie! WOOOO! So Kings Island experts, I just need a few things. Can someone predict how busy the park may be so me and my friends can plan well. Also Lady Kings Island experts, I need your opinion. I had planned on wearing my converse to the park but for fear of rain and because of how uncomfortable they get when wet
  3. I don't care how they do it... Either way I'm super excited.
  4. Chick-fil-A's or Larosas. Though I wish Chick-fil-A had more choices.
  5. I kinda like Flight Deck. Calm Ride, gets you prepared for other coasters. I would hate to see it go. And I want you all to know that I think i need someone to message me and explain all this terminology with companies and stuff. I just call them roller coaster or if I know the name the place they are located calls them. So yeah. I need some help.
  6. Who me? No not Mall of America. Cause in my dreams I knew I was KI cause like there was a line for the firehawk and SoB.So yeah.
  7. Oh my goodness have I had like 3 or more dreams about going to KI. But it never really was the park it was like weird. I don't know how to describe it. There have been so many. Like it was all indoors and you had just guess where things were. It was pretty annoying. Then I think about KI alot in my dreams.
  8. Noticed you were new. Welcome! Enjoy!

  9. Before i get ooberly confused what does TR mean?
  10. Ya that too, sorry i was banned for a week

  11. It's hard to get back up when you're dead. yeah but that doesn't mean she couldn't have been the living dead like a zombie or something. just use your imagination... like spongebob would... EWWW Spongebob
  12. i went the 18th... park was packed...i would expect lines to be longer then... where it is close to halloween.
  13. It was a great show. Though the ending confused me. I thought she was going to get back up or something. But she just layed there. One of the random dancers looked like London off the Suite Life Of Zach And Cody. Brenda Song i do believe her name is.
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