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  1. Diamondback Dude

    Bert The Conqueror's Top 5 Amusement Parks

    1. Kings Island 2. Knobels 3. Cedar Point 4 Knott's Berry Farm 5 Dollywood or Holiday World tie
  2. Diamondback Dude

    Painting Flight Deck among offseason projects

    <_< Eh you can't polish a turd
  3. Diamondback Dude

    Half Pint Brawlers Come Up Short

    Was that Don in the back? goodness I thought you had to be under five foot to ride.
  4. Diamondback Dude

    Son of Beast update

    I wouldn't mind seeing it be torn down :P
  5. Diamondback Dude

    favorite time of day/weather

    I'm thinking 65 degrees at night
  6. Diamondback Dude

    Boo Blasters Video

    haha it looks like they just took off the scooby and replaced him with phantoms or whatever haha
  7. I honestly think the whale is a danger. You cant put it into the ocean or whatever. It doesn't hunt it's own food, It gets handed fish to him. I think there is nothing wrong about using animals for shows. It has never seen the ocean before. It has killed 2 people. I think the only option is to euthanize it before it kills anyone else. I know that sounds harsh but, what are you going to do with it? I don't think zoos have killer whales?
  8. Diamondback Dude

    Any News about Son of Beast?

    ndude why the hell you wnt to tear it down?? Because it's so rough it's not even fun, it cost the park tons of money, It hurt a bunch of people, It breaks down all the time, and people sue the park over it.
  9. Diamondback Dude

    Any News about Son of Beast?

    TEAR IT DOWN!!!!!!
  10. Diamondback Dude

    A Blast From The Past – Kings Island’s King Cobra

    dang the flight of fear must of been tough to build.
  11. Diamondback Dude

    Kings Island in the snow

    Maybe because its white and snow is white.
  12. Diamondback Dude

    Flight Deck

    I wouldnt consider it a family coaster.
  13. Diamondback Dude

    New for 2011?

    I know it's too early but what do you think they will put in? I'm thinking a a GCI wood or a Gravity Group.
  14. Diamondback Dude

    Big Bad Wolf removal photos

    it looks like their building it instead of tearing it town!
  15. Diamondback Dude

    This vs that

    Haha I loved that show! by "returning" do you mean re runs or new episodes?