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  1. Yes...unfortunately Kings Island killed them both.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOEv-tPW36c
  3. Seems strange for a resort that's over 100 years old to not have a backup plan for water and sewage.
  4. This is one of my favorites.http://youtu.be/sr9sHIb7fBc
  5. I've hated every Premier train I've been on. Very uncomfortable. I'm just hoping to fit. I hope they have a test seat.
  6. Hoping to go there soon. I've heard the leg restraint system is kind of a pain. Is this true?
  7. Yep, she popped her cork at 9:00pm and started hissing at the crowd. :wild:
  8. I was there too Saturday. From 10:30 am to 9:30 pm. Only got to ride 5 rides all day. Beast was the worst wait. It took 2.5 hours to get on the ride. They were dispatching trains about every three minutes. They took one car off and someone puked. I thought I was going to pass out from boredom. Rode Banshee, I liked the second half, my feet went numb from the blood rushing to them. When I got off the ride, I felt like it was wearing swim flippers.
  9. New coaster technology comes along every year. The future of high speed, super high coasters is on the horizon!
  10. OMG...you're kidding! Seatbelts? I was in line for Diamondback last year and we stood still in the center of the first queue line for exactly 20 minutes in what is supposed to be a fast moving line. We didn't budge. We saw coaster after coaster leave and finally we decided to leave the line. We climbed through the queues back to the Fastlane line and left. We figured out where the problem was. There were at least 30 people cutting to the front of the line through Fastlane and they were circling from the exit to the Fastlane entrance. Apparently they were letting Fastlaners ride and not anyone else. That was ridiculous, but now seat belts will only make the lines longer. I'm so close to not getting another pass. It's only good for the ERT in the morning. Who wants to wait in long lines all day.
  11. I'd love to see a big ole twisting Intamin replace Vortex someday. Maybe a launch type with tunnels!
  12. I'm excited about the night ride. I think it's going to be incredibly exciting! (followed by a chicken dinner. LOL)
  13. I'm looking forward to that too. Hope they have a variety of types chicken. Fried, grilled, chicken salad, wraps and well....yum! I'm hoping that the area behind delirium is a viewing location. I'd love to see Banshee drop through it's first hill.
  14. Chicken Shack could be buffet style if you keep on buying. :awesome:
  15. Most of the coaster is in the valley. Even from Kings High School, you can only see the structure in the park. The diving loops, vertical loop and inline roll are hidden. I kind of like the fact that a lot of it is hidden. It might make it a fun ride at night.
  16. I rode it for the first time with my cousin in 1979. He has since passed. The line started on international street and went past the tower, past the pond (Diamondbacks current splashdown) to the entrance. It was so smooth the first year. Good times!
  17. It looked pretty fast to me (from a distance at least.) I saw it from the highway as I was driving by the park.
  18. T2 is mostly repairs that would take too long to do before opening day this year, and from what I understand, Twisted Twins is getting a total makeover, probably into a one track coaster instead of a racing coaster.
  19. Was Full Throttle worth the trip? Videos make it look like a short ride.
  20. I'm sure it will be fun, it looks like it could be fun. I wasn't really impressed with the first movie. I might see the second movie.
  21. I hope we get the gourmet food for current prices. I would love to see an international food festival during the season, throughout the park. $2.00 samples everywhere...I'd spend $60 in a day for sure!!!
  22. You know, it seems far fetched, but what if International street was an open plaza of chain type restaurants and shops that could be open year round with gates like Tower Gardens preventing access into the main park? I know, I'm dreaming. LOL.
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