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  1. I was wondering what the platinum pass look like this year. Does anyone have a picture of one?
  2. Yes it still is they are also having something about it like a meeting read about that here. http://www.geaugalaketoday.com/
  3. Great picture firehawk! I also have pictures you can view them below at the link I was before the ACE event so I did not have to deal with much snow or rain just got our tour in before all that! Here is the link check them out!
  4. They are finally done. I don't think they are working tomorrow seeing as though they worked late tonight. I hope they do though :)
  5. 1. PKIDelirium 2. TG93 3. TRFTW 4. Angrybeaver 5. Gnarkiller 6. Eddie1977 7. standbyme +4 8. cartoon_Freak66 9. Ohiocoasterman 10. Hippohero16
  6. I just sent mine in today! If it does not get there by the 11th and like a day or 2 after am I still good to go? Also is 30 minutes going to be enough at DB? I hope so. Also how do I know that you get it?
  7. Very nice love the new look for this site and I can't wait for things to start rolling again :)
  8. Ohiocoasterman and my girl friend will be attending :)
  9. OK thanks I can't wait for it to be back up again :)
  10. I was just wondering when the site will be back up?
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