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  1. :( i rode it on employee day 3 months ago, i haven't had time since.
  2. I have seen people wos and its pretty sad, to wait all that way then not ride.
  3. I want to go to have fun but unfortunatly they will probably work me becuase of how busy it will be.
  4. Did they or are they going to auction the first rides off because I want a shirt saying 'First Rider' like my friend got for firehawk.
  5. My favorite part of the entire ride was the first drop. Of course it was the one time i had been on it probablly giving me better ride.
  6. ^Of course she is she sings as her job.I'm sure she will be one of the three.
  7. Doesn't matter any more I don't of school until 2:24
  8. Thats crap, I cant be the first one on b/c school doesnt get out till 2:24 It ain't fair!
  9. Ironicly I went as well on halloween, But my story is different. It was the best. Chainsaws at the door, people popping out were ever. And it was not crowded, maybe thats what bothered you. I went on so many more attractions then last time. Over all it was really good, Not sure what went wrong for you.
  10. is it a preview or will I actually be able to ride diamondback?
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