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  1. Yes, Washington Court House is in Fayette County, that's where this was located...it's my hometown.
  2. I've been in the writing mood for awhile, and since I haven't made it to KI or any other park here lately, I decided to write a trip report for my local county fair. For those of you that don't know, Fayette County is located about halfway between CInci and Columbus, and the highlight of our summer is usually our fair, which is almost always lackluster at most. I decided earlier in the day to head out despite the heat, and some of my family decided to join me. We ended up at the fairgrounds around 6, and it was still over 90 degrees outside, which made standing in the sun almost unbearable. The first thing we did was grab some shaved ice, which while not the most tasty thing, did help cool us down. After cooling down, we decided to go watch the truck pulls, which can be heard from anywhere in town, and can be quite annoying. I shot one video of one of the trucks making it's run. After watching for a bit, we decided to head to the other end of the fairgrounds to check out the rides. Selection wasn't that great, and with my great hesitation of riding fair rides, I ended up only riding one. Video of some of the rides After riding, we got hungry, and decided to indulge in some fair food, which is one of my favorites. I ended up having a delicious pork tenderloin sandwich, while everyone else just ate hamburgers and fries. It was dark about this time, so I started taking some pictures of the rides. These were from a phone camera, so they aren't the greatest. And my personal favorite My younger cousin and I enjoying ourselves at the awesome Fayette County Fair <Insert Sarcasm> At this time, it was 10:55, and the fair was closing at 11, I had to go get my favorite fair food of all time! It wasn't the most exciting day I've had at the local fair, but I did have fun, and got to spend some time with my family.
  3. I forgot all about it. Here's the link to the album on photobucket Halloween Haunt 10-23-10
  4. After a very busy day, my sister and I decided to head down to KI for Haunt for her first time. We left town around 8 PM and made it into the parking lot around 8:50. After purchasing her ticket, which surprised me being only $35, we headed into the park. The first thing I noticed was the lack of roamers, during our whole trip I only saw 3 around the whole park. Anyways, back to the report. Since this was her first time to Haunt and her first visit to KI in over 7 years, we headed for a smaller ride first, Adventure Express. I we approached the entrance I saw the line. This is the only time I have ever waited more than 5 minutes for AE. After about a 15 minute wait, we sat down in 4-2. After the ride, she had to have a cigarette break, so we headed over to the smoking area right outside of the Festhaus and Delirium. We then headed to Flight Deck, which I didn't even know if it would be running. Boy, was I surprised. Another 15 minute wait and we boarded 2-1 since my sister refused to get into the front row. Saw Giga and Tom as they we heading out on the train before us, then it was our turn. After a close call, we were able to get my sister's seatbelt buckled and we were on our way. Even though she said she enjoyed the ride, the screaming she let out the whole time made me believe otherwise. Since before we arrived at the park I agreed to do a few haunts with her, we headed to one she wanted to do, Cemetery Drive. I was really dissappointed in this haunt. There was only 1 or 2 good scares during the whole thing. I then suggested we go over to Death Row, which is one I'd never gone through before, nor will I probably ever again. If it wasn't for the couple in front of my sis and I, we probably would've taken an hour to go through. We headed over to Vortex next. When we arrived at the park, the line was back past the Juke Box Diner, but since it was now down to the stairs, we decided to wait. After about 20 minutes, we headed for seat 5-1, as I always do. After another very close call with the seatbelt, my sister got buckled in and we were on our way. This was my first ever night ride on Vortex, and I can say that I enjoyed it. I also got my first on-ride photo from Vortex as well. At this time, it was around 12:40, and I wanted to get a Beast ride in, we headed over to Rivertown. Since my sister had a headache from Vortex, she decided to wait in line with me and just cross over to the exit when we got up to the platform. Upon entering the line, it was listed as a 45 minute wait. So, we waited, and I shot some pictures of the SOB tombstone and other props, which I thought were hilarious. We when got to the station switchbacks, I started talking with a gentleman, and turns out he was a fellow enthusiest as well. So PKISecurity and I were talking about the fact that they had the last car of the train blocked off, which is what we were both planning to ride. Right before we exited the switchbacks to pick our seat, a group of 3 teenage girls decided to jump from farther back in the switchbacks right to the platform. My sister said something to them, and the moment they started running their mouths, I knew they were had. My sisters yelled out " Linejumpers" or something of the nature, and after another group confirmed it, they were escorted out of the line by security. Made my day . When it was time for me to ride, i boarded 5-2, on the 2nd to last train of the night. It was one of the best night rides I've had. Probably due to the fact I rode alone in my row. At this point, it was 1:45 or so, and the park was deserted. It was really eerie walking up to the front of the park. We stopped at the McDonalds right outside KI and waited a good 30 minutes in the drive thru, but it was worth it. Overall, a fun time at Haunt, and I hope to make it back next week. Final Tally AE-1 FD-1 Vortex-1 Beast-1 Cemetery Drive-1 Death Row-1 I will have pictures up once I get the memory card from my sister..
  5. I believe the lift was capped a few days before closing for the season. The first drop was completed in the offseason
  6. My cousin, her sister, and I arrived at the park around 3pm. This was my cousin's sisters first trip to KI this year, and she showed it. We rode BLSC and she was scared. So, me and my cousin told her she could wait while we rode other rides. We went and rode DB, row 1 and row 16. Well, after this my cousin's sis was tired of waiting so we told her she could ride AE with us. We told her it was really small and smooth. Rode AE, scared her to death. She then said she wouldn't ride anything else. So, my cousin and I rode the Racer. We then rode The Beast and BLSC. Then it was time for dinner. After eating, it was starting to get dark. The fog was starting to cover the park and my cousin's sis was freaking out. We went and rode AE and Racer again. By now, it was completely dark, so we headed to DB. It was broke down so we rode Beast. Got to the station and they were taking a train off to make it 2 train operation. Waited about 20 minutes which was the longest wait we had all day. When we got off, we heard DB's all clear horn, so we headed over. We rode 3 times, twice in row 2 and once in row 16. I am now up to 60 rides on DB this season. After DB, we decided to just walk around. My cousin and her sis ended up riding dodgems. Then, my cousin and I rode BLSC and Racer. We made our last ride of the night on AE in the very back row. Very fun. Ended up being a fun day.
  7. I was long awaiting this trip for over two months and did not end the way I expected. My cousin, her son(little cousin) and I left my house around 9:45. Got to the park at around 10:40. Since my little cousin was just over the 48" mark, we headed straight to The Beast. Great ride as always but a little chilly. We then headed over to BLSC since my little cousin had never rode it before. He absolutely loved it. We were going to head to Vortex but it was still closed(apparently, it was too cold) so we went to the Racer. Rode twice in a row. Headed our way to AZ but found nothing open. My cousin decided she needed to stop to smoke and so we sat outside festhaus. While sitting, we overheard the rides were about to start running. So we headed to fFlight Deck. My little cousin wanted to ride with me so we rode 1:1, 7:1, and 4:1 without having to wait for any seat. On our way back to the back of the park, we rode AE without any wait for any seat. After that, we headed back to Vortex since it was running. Me and my little cousin rode in 5:1 and his mom rode in 4:2. We then headed to lunch. After coming back from BK, we decided to go to NU, but every ride had a decent line. We decided to ride RR since its the only one I can really ride comfortably. After Reptar, we decided to ride KI&MVRR so I could get some pics of DB. I then decided to head up the Crypt's exit so I could get some more. My cousin and her son then went and got their pastel portrait done. After getting my little cousin done, me and him went and rode The Beast. Rode in 1:1 and he loved it. We then went to the Racer and rode. At this time it was around 6:30. We went and got a bite to eat. The fog started at 7 and then the monsters came out. My little cousin got scared and we left the park at 7:05. Not the ending I want but better than nothing. And now....the pictures...
  8. This turned out to be a very fun day. I don't have the chance to upload the pics yet but I will as soon as I get a chance. Me and my friend Shirley(need_for_speed) left wilmington at around 8:10 AM. After stopping for snacks and energy drinks, we made it to the park at around 9:00. Justin(justin_M17) was going to meet us at the park, but had car issues and couldn't make it. We went to DB ERT and got 4 rides in and I finally got my 50th in. After ERT, I was feeling really sick, so we decided to text justin to see if we wanted to come pick him up. We left the park around 10:15 and arrived back around 11:15. We went and rode DB another time. Then we started heading around the park. We rode The Beast, then met up with another KIC'er. I'm not that good with names so I cannot remember what his name was. Then the 4 of us rode Vortex, FoF, Racer, A.E., Delirium, and Invertigo. We then decided to ride Drop Tower. This is my least favorite ride in the park, and didn't want to ride. I did anyway but barely fit into the seat, I actually had to have help from the attendent. I ended up screaming like a little girl the whole drop down. Then we went over and rode F.D. By now, I wasn't feeling well again, so we decided to go up in the E.T. for some pics. When we got back down, we thought it would be fun to ride the carousel. After that, we decided to hit up BLSC because the line was very short. It was starting to rain, so we headed over to KI&MVRR. It started raining really hard as soon as we got on but stopped by the time we got back. We wanted to go ride DB some more, so we rode another 3 times. By now, we were all tired and I was feeling ill again, so we left, took Justin home, and headed home ourselves.
  9. still at 47. Been over a month since I've been on any coaster. really itching to go and marathon DB all day
  10. I believe it's Goliath at La Ronde but I'm not 100% sure.
  11. I am still at 47. It's been almost 3 weeks since I've been to the park. :(
  12. I was only up there today. I guess I should have used 6/23 instead of 6-23 :lol:
  13. Honestly, I wasn't really paying attention so I don't know.
  14. Thanks for reminding me, I have 3 videos of TTD. Not the greatest but I like how they turned out.
  15. Time for the photos. Please excuse the quality of some of them.
  16. Late last night my friend Shirley and I decided we were going to go to Cedar Point today instead of Kings Island. We got a late start and didn't leave my house until 8:30. We arrived at the parking tolls at CP at exactly 12 noon. Our first ride of the day was Blue Streak with a 20 minute wait. This was my first time on this old woody and was pleasantly surprised by the airtime. We then headed over to TTD. We waited about an hour and rode in row 5. This was only my second ride on TTD and I put my hands up for the whole ride. We started to get hungy after TTD so we headed out to the car for lunch. After re-entering the park, we hit up Raptor. Had about a 10 minute wait. After Raptor, we decided to to to MF. Waited 30 minutes. We rode in row 2 and boy was I surprised. I absolutely loved the drop and actually got airtime on the hills. After MF, we walked around to the back of the park. Rode Mean Streak because it was a walk on. After MS, we rode Gemini. It was also a walk on but they were running both sides. I got up pretty bad in the final helix. We decided our last ride of the day would be on Magnum. Waited about 20 minutes. Rode in the back seat of the second to last car. I was already sore after Gemini but after this, I could barely walk. We wanted to get back before dark, so we left the park at around 530. I'll post the pics as soon as I get them uploaded.
  17. I also find the valley before the trim has a bad vibration to it. I wish they would fix it because after my nearly 50 rides, it seems to hurt worse and worse
  18. I believe the record is around 120. Don't know the exact number at the moment.
  19. Saturday Left my house around 330 and arrived about 4. Headed to DB and rode 7 times. We then had to meet my friends niece at the eiffel tower. She rode with us another 3 times on DB before she had to leave. It was almost 10 so we got back in line for DB and made our way to the back of the line. We were the last ones in line and last train of the night. It was also my first true night ride. Amazing Sunday Left middletown around 910. Arrived at the park for ERT and rode DB twice. Then at 10 we met up with the other KIC'ers in front of DB. I can't remember everyone so I'm putting any names down but those of you know who you are. We then rode DB twice as a group. 19 and 21 people I believe. Then while some got their little bill's credit, 8 of us went and rode Avatar. We all met in front of SDATHC got a pic at the mystery machine. Headed to Wendy's for lunch. We tagged along with pkiruler?102? and his dad. Got back to the park and the rain started. Walked in the rain for a little while then headed to Festhaus to wait it out. After the rain stopped we rode Invertigo and Delirium. While the rest of the group went to Drop Tower, we had to leave. I want to tell all of you I was with that this was the BEST day I've ever had at Kings Island.
  20. Got a late start and didn't arrive at the park until about 9:20 AM. Went straight to DB and rode 4 times during ERT. Headed to Beast and got in line right before rope drop. Rode front seat. Came back to an empty station so rode 5:2. When we got to the brakes,the train in front of us was in the station with a bunch of management. A ride associate came back and told us they had a situation in the station. We learned that someone had had a seizure and required medical attention. After about what seemed 15 minutes, they had the guy on a stretcher in the first aid truck and emptied the waiting trains. After that, we headed over to Vortex. Rode 5:1 yet again. Going up the lift, we noticed they were still running empty trains on the Beast. Then we headed to Racer, rode second to last row. Best ride I've ever had. I had about 4 inches between my legs and my lapbar. Racer was followed by A.E. Second to last row. We decided to go ride DB one more time before we went to the car for lunch. After lunch, we headed straight to DB. Rode 5 times. Got rows 1 & 16 on the 2nd and 3rd rides. It was about 4 so we decided to head home. Stopped at the DQ at Route 68 on the way home. Overall, a fun day at the park like always.
  21. I overstepped the step and my foot slipped out from under me. I guess I was just too excited for DB
  22. I'm up to 22. Could've had 23 but fell and hurt my back on the queue stairs. Not fun at all.
  23. All I can tell you is that they were loud screamers. hehe
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