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  1. SonofBeast93

    Flight of Fear Theme

    Yes, that was my point. The lighting was great and they need to "refurbish" it you could say.
  2. SonofBeast93

    Flight of Fear Theme

    Well of course the lights stayed on, i wasnt saying they were turned off. They dont have effect anymore.
  3. SonofBeast93

    Flight of Fear Theme

    Have you noticed the theme for flight of fear is not enforced as much anymore. No lighting effects. Just that boring video. They need to change something.
  4. SonofBeast93

    Fast Pass Lane on The Beast

    Who said they are not finished? According to some people this is the new look for a while.
  5. SonofBeast93

    Fast Pass Lane on The Beast

    They have had a pass pass lane, or speed lane for a few years now. You can only use them at certain days and certain times of the day. Not all rides have it though.
  6. SonofBeast93

    Track for the Blue Racer

    Im guessing from like a roller coaster regulations company or something, thats all thats said though.
  7. SonofBeast93

    Taste OF Belgium

    Sure is.
  8. SonofBeast93

    Track for the Blue Racer

    The reason they switched it back is because Paramount never had permission to run it backwards. Therefore, Cedar Fair switched it back.
  9. SonofBeast93

    Fast Pass Lane on The Beast

    Ive been wondering that since they have completely redesigned that area, where will the fast pass lane for The Beast go? Or will there not be one?
  10. SonofBeast93

    Taste OF Belgium

    No. Its on the left walk path on International Street.
  11. SonofBeast93

    Track for the Blue Racer

    The Blue Trains was never backwards. The Red Trains were.
  12. SonofBeast93

    Track for the Blue Racer

    Have you noticed that the track for the Blue Racer is more rough than the track for the Red Racer?
  13. SonofBeast93

    Taste OF Belgium

    Who's ate at Taste Of Belgium , New for Kings Island's 2009 season.
  14. SonofBeast93

    Nickelodeon Leaving Kings Island?

    Yes i agree that would be very funny, but not for children. That area has been created for the younger kids to enjoy. Family Guy and The Simpsons are adult shows that are not appropriate for the particular area.
  15. SonofBeast93

    Ty's Opening Day PTR

    Yes it was very exciting. It seems the more people you have in your group the more fun you have.