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  1. your welcome....id actually love to see this happen to be honest..I think it would be great if they could make it work somehow... see we are all thinking now lol....maybe we should come up with ideas, make a proposal and send it to whoever is in charge of this at ki....even though I doubt they would listen..but hey..they do have those surveys they have ppl take every year at haunt....im just saying, I personally think it would be amazing to see them expand haunt into the water park somehow..I mean they did put wolfpack in SOB's station this year....and most of their mazes they tear down every season anyways so I know that wouldnt be a factor....
  2. I do have to say that would be simply amazing...it would add a lot more room and could house so many more mazes as well if they used bb for haunt...I'm suprised I never even thought about that...such a great idea...it would help out so much and saturdays wouldnt seem as crowded possibly to where you cant even hardly move
  3. its sad to see even more trees go once again...I hope they add some more somehwere or a flower bed around that area or something...thats just me though...
  4. i completely agree..there is a reason why the rides they took out were taken out. even though they took out some of my favorite rides also, i highly doubt we will see them in the future.
  5. lol i know exactly what you mean. this one group of people one day refused to listen to someone about the change of names for rides and they thought that they got rid of a ride that they didnt...they were mad to start out but then finally listened and were able to finally understand what the other person who was trying to help them out said. it was quite funny.
  6. i just always called it the blue ice cream lol...
  7. LOVE the new program....and hopefully if the ride stays open enough this year, we will possibly see new and better theming towards the ride??? hopefully??
  8. yea i rode that over and over again yesterday one mainly cause it was the first time i had ridden it and second because i was too tired of waiting in the 1.5-2 hrs line for fof(which was my first time riding that as well)..i noticed that too. and i agree..IT WILL ALWAYS BE TOP GUN! lol
  9. i agree..i love those things lol..but i highly doubt that they would put one in since they already have some flat caraval rides in there that have been there for years.
  10. i in a way sort of agree. but i do know that tons of people wanted to know what the "new" thing would be that they did for the crypt. no i dont think that it is completely done, but at least cedar fair knows that ppl will ride this ride more thanks to the new program..im sure by next season, there will be a great preshow, great themes that also might interact with the ride like it did on TRTR. or so i hope lol.
  11. i agree..two major coaster parks in one state??? NAH hope not..keep ki the way it is..new rides are great, but as long as they all arent coasters
  12. the beginning of it did yes...
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