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  1. I understand the worry that many people must have over the news of what happened to the rider on SOB. But my view on that is simple. I've worked as a nurse in the medical field for many years and many never know they have many health problems till something like this happens. There is many things that could have caused this to happen and I seriously do not feel closing the ride would solve anything. I do admit the ride is a little rough but thats what you get with a wooden coaster. It could have been any ride in the park that caused this But at the same time things like this happen after airplane rides, or after mowing the grass or just can happen during relaxing on your porch swing. So I feel there could be a number of reasons of this happening. Plus nobody knows the womans medical history or her families medical history. Thx for reading
  2. Being that i am a huge fan of kingsisland i did enjoy your info, however i was wondering.. My friends and i do plan visiting this year and wanted to go on saturday the 24th what are the crowds like? are they as bad as mid summer and is ride lines really long? thanks for all your info
  3. so we are planning t come that weekend, what if we make it a two day event and just visit friday eve and all day saturday?
  4. My friends and i was planning to make a trip up to visit pki on May 16th but then saw it was math and science day. So we was wondering is this a bad time or day to visit? thanks
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