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  1. My dad worked at maze of madness! So this is kinda cool too see.
  2. Is this suppose to be humorous? This makes the park look very... lets just say bad...
  3. Ya, I defenatttalyy thinks thats Kangs Islandd shouldd gets one of them rollar coasters like them there Top Thrill Drager. If you don't get my humor, English is your friend. And I'm only teasing. :)
  4. 72 Going to the ERT tomorrow morning! woo! :)
  5. I would rather see Vortex get new trains.. But Mantis floorless would be pretty nice.
  6. You should drive by again tomorrow and take some pictures.
  7. Very nice trip report TOPGUN1993. Very well detailed and I really didn't notice any grammar mistakes. I also visited the park on OD and IMHO was very happy with the results of Cedar Fair's new ownership.
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