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  1. Once, I noticed that behind Delerium, there is what seems to be the old Antique Cars from the ride that was replaced by Backlot. Although, I am pretty sure that it is only visible to the public if you are on the ride.
  2. Recently, I went to Boomerang Bay. When I went on one of the average slides without the innertube or mat, I was told that I couldn't ride it because my swim shorts had velcro on them. I was confused because on the sign before entering the line, it never stated that the velcro would be a problem. Why is it an issue?
  3. I have heard many times now that the Vortex is sinking into the terrain and that the coaster will soon be shut down. Is that true?.......it sounds a little far fetched to me.
  4. Do Kings Island employees still have to get "green sheeted"? If so, does that involve climbing the catwalk on the lift hills?
  5. My dad was one of the origional employees and he talked about getting "green sheeted" on rides (Racer, Beast, Log Flume, almost every ride in the park except for the Hanna Barbara land) do they still do that? If so, he said that part of the process involved climbing the catwalk up to the top of the lift hills-do they still do that?
  6. Well, if you do work at Kings Island, is it fun, what is the pay, and my last question, what is it like to operate a ride these days? Thanks, -KingsIsland4ME
  7. I am going to Kings Island today and I wanted to take my mp3 player into the park. Will they let me?
  8. What is the deal with all of the new names for some of the old rides (Topgun-Flight deck,Tombraider- The Crypt,Italian Job stunt track- what ever new name it has). My theory is that because they are all rides based on movies, Ceder Fair changed the names with the intentions to make all rides more generic. What is the actual reason?
  9. My father used to work at Kings Island as a teen. Ofcourse, this was a long time ago....(70's-80's). During the time that he was working there, he ran a ride that they called the slide. It was basically a huge slide where people rode down it in burlap sacks. I know that there are pictures of the Scrappy Doo slide, but I was wondering if (if you know what slide I am talking about) there are any pictures of this slide that are close up. Also, I was wondering, what happened to the ride? Thanks.
  10. Well, my first question is- Does anyone know where I can find a picture of what the Racer looks like with both trains faceing the same way? Also, now that they have switched back to the old way of running the trains, will they actually be Racing them?Well, that is pretty much it. Thanks.
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