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  1. Gold pass members can come back whenever the want, meaning they really don't feel like they have to ride everything in one visit. Now if you paid the $52.99 (general admission) at the gate and only plan on being there one day, you might want to take advantage of this opportunity so you can ride everything before you leave. As I said above, this is not aimed at the season pass holder, it's for the 1 or 2 visit per year guest who wants a chance to ride everything they can before the end of their day.
  2. What's silly is that you think that a week and a half is enough time to place the order, custom make a chain of that size, ship it, install it, and test it. Believe me, the park wants Vortex to be open as much as you and I, but let's cut them a little slack.
  3. The old system was free, however was only available to gold pass holders...doesn't seem very fair. At least this option is avaiable to everyone at the same price. This program is not aimed at the season pass holder, it's aimed at the guest who visits 1 or 2 times per year and want to maximize their trip. KI seems to have thought about this in advance since there is only a limited number of passes available each day. The additional wait will be small compared to what you experienced elsewhere at other parks.
  4. AE is definately a unique ride experience and is, in my opinion, the most under rated night ride in the park. Name one other ride that ends the way that AE does, sure it's a cop out, but you never forget it. It's this characteristic along with the great design of the ride using the natural terrain that make it one of the best mine train coasters operating today.
  5. I'm not sure I even believe this story for one second. Surely between the separator, the bar checkers, and the "driver" of the ride, someone would have noticed a 4 year old on the ride. If they didn't, then shame on them, however the parents are just as responsible. They can't tell me that while waiting in the line for the ride (which goes under the lift hill mind you) and seeing the splash down they actually thought this was a kiddie ride. How about when your child sat in the seat and their feet didn't hit the floor by a good 2 feet, still not clicking? One even has to wonder if the Diamondback restraints would even hold the average 4 year old in the seat while fully closed. I'm sure someone can tell us how much of a gap is left when a seat is vacant and the restraint is all the way down. "A guy in a bisiness suit came over and asked my mother if they just got off the ride and she said yes he said he will be in contact." My favorite line (nice spelling of "business" by the way)...if this was a manager, which the writer is clearly trying to say, they would have apologized until they were blue in the face and investigated the incident a little more other than giving them a business card (which brings to question why would this mystery manager give this lady his business card and say we'll be in touch? Surely it makes more sense for this manager to get her contact information and say "we'll be in touch," yet this is not what was said by the letter writer).
  6. I feel bad for the man's family...but it still amazes me how many people don't even stop to read the guidelines at the entrance/exit of rides to see if they should even be riding it.
  7. You need to remember that the coasters (yes even wooden ones too) do not do well when it comes to cold starts. Add in the fact that it will be in the 30's this evening which will keep the crowds away. If the park were to open, they probably wouldn't even breakeven for the night.
  8. I can't believe some of the reactions to this... Maybe they should add a line after mentioning that this isn't for children that this event is not for people who are easily offended.
  9. They did a lot of the setting up over night. If you drive by the mall parking lot on I-275, you will spot the ferris wheel.
  10. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,538903...test=latestnews http://www.clickorlando.com/news/20352255/detail.html
  11. Unless you talked to the VP, I doubt the person you talked to even knows about the news release that came out. Might as well be a Dippin' Dots guy telling you...
  12. I'm trying to figure out why DT ( or DZ as you refer to it) wasn't as good as usual for you. It's a pretty consistent ride. Perhaps you just weren't in the mood to ride it after 90 minutes of waiting.
  13. Any number of things could have happened that night. It was probably just a maintenance related problem, nothing to worry about.
  14. We'll see, especially with the economy the way it is. I'm sure KI got many more visit by guests who live near the park.
  15. Disney monorail workers placed on leave after crash http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/07/09/florida.d...rash/index.html
  16. It's pretty rough terrain back there with lots of hills.
  17. Not sure of it was the same show, but I remember seeing a show where SOB was ranked #10 on the top 10 man made structures.
  18. ^Thanks for the diagram, that helps show what happened a lot better than an article trying to explain it.
  19. To give you a quick answer I believe the program has only been changed a few times since the ride opened as TRTR.
  20. ^ I beg to differ. I think that the investigation will show that the ride did not cause the injury to this woman. SOB will be reopened to the public and become the normal rough ride that we have all come to know over the years.
  21. Enquirer released another article, nothing we didn't already know... http://news.cincinnati.com/article/2009070...st+still+closed
  22. There are many hotels to choose from on the exits before and after KI (Fields Ertle (1 exit south) and Kings Mills Rd (1 exit north). It all comes down to how large your budget is for a room.
  23. I never thought of WWC as a last ride of the day kind of ride, but now that I think about it, drifting through the woods through the rapids in the dark would be fun. I'm sure seeing the fireworks while going up the lift gave a unique conclusion to your day.
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