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  1. Yeah it looks like the que is starting to make shape.
  2. Oh god. Enough of that trend, it's not funny anymore. :rolleyes: (Yeah, don't pounce on me because it's just a "joke", i get it.)
  3. Have you ever ridden Mantis? Stand up coasters happen to be very uncomfortable. I want a Intamin wooden coaster or a small GCI woodie for our next coaster, next on my list would be an X type ride. (Possibly *if* B&M got a new design they could to use that)
  4. I have an excellent idea for it's 10th Anniversary; Bring a big wrecking ball, and let the general public watch the demolition of the coaster and let them celebrate the next 10 years without getting a migraine from riding one ride. :ph34r: (I think CP should do that with Mean Streak too, but I think they're bettering that ride.. so good for them)
  5. I just got back from Cedar Point and I must say, Kings Island needs more rides that interact with the midway like MF or Corkscrew. All of the rides at Kings Island seem to be discrete or hidden. I loved CP's setup.
  6. Maverickfanatic07, my take on your recent coasters: IMHO, and with all due respect, I think you need to modify your designs before you complete them officially. Draw some inspiration from other coasters but still keep it original. Simba- Way too fast in the end.. it completely flies through the corkscrews. Imagine if there was something like that actually built.. it would extremely uncomfortable with the OTSHR. AIR- Too short of a ride. I love how you did the first turn out of the station going under the lift major head chopper and thrilling effect there. Alot of the turns and airtim
  7. Alot of people put "The" in front of single named ride names for some reason.
  8. Yep. I think it's CW first, KI second and then CP third.
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