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  1. You never know whta is in store for SOB! I hope they can make it run again! I would hate to see it torn down like the Villian was at Geauga Lake! They put a bunch of money in it and then closed the park and sold it for scrap! And there was nothing wrong with the ride!!!
  2. I am sad about the Son not opening! I hope they can work out what they need to to get the ride safe and going again!
  3. It sounds like they came up with some cool names! It will take some time to get used to them!
  4. I hope that Kings Island has a great season! I will be there opening day! Ican't wait! I love how pretty the park is! I can't wait to ride!!!!!!!!
  5. I have rode both Iron Dragon and Flight Deck! I love both! Flight Deck is much faster than Iron Dragon ! Iron Dragon is a nice ride when you want a break from the larger coasters!
  6. I hope for the best this year! I enjoy my Ohio parks! I lost my home park of Geauga Lake and I miss it alot! I will be at Kings Island on opening day! Icant wait!
  7. I don't have any set goals! I just know I want to be a Ride Warrior!
  8. It looks cool! Thanks for the pics!
  9. How cute! I love Snoopy! I can't wait until coaster season!!! I am tired of snow already!
  10. I hope they don't take it out! Its a fun ride! Its a great family coaster!
  11. I hope for the best for the ride! The question is that are they able to fix the flaws or will they tear down the Son of Beast and start fresh?
  12. Opening weekend was a huge mess! It would have been nice if they did the special rider event for Diamond back on friday! The crowds were crazy! I also was sad that they didn't have Sunday open on that weekend! It is nice to see the new coaster at the park! Diamondback is a sweet ride! Plus it was nice to see my old friend Firehawk! I still miss it at Geauga Lake, but I am glad so many are enjoying it in its new home!!!
  13. Hey I am in my 30s and I love riding the coaster with my mother in aw who is 64! She and I rode Dragster weeks ago! Whe is a ride warrior!
  14. Thanks for all your help! I can't wait to check out Kings Island this fall!
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