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  1. My family and I went to this last night and rode the IJST two times. It was OK. It’s not very fast or thrilling. The kids loved it and I think that is for who it was designed. The takeoff was not as fast as the FOF and the dips did nothing to my stomach. I do recommend the back car for a better ride. Sorry to say it is more flash then dash and will be a walk on next year.
  2. This is going to be cool. I like the rock n roller coaster at Disney. The music makes the ride more enjoyable and as long as it is not too poppy the theme applies to a wide audience. What about the Kiss ride? I have always thought that neon paint on the track and some black lights would look outstanding in FOF. Wasn’t Soundwaves the name of the bad Karaoke joint that was across Coney mall from the Racers?
  3. Does anyone here have any good advice for someone going to PCW? My family and I are going in June. Info needed - Places outside of the park to eat, Does and Don't about the park, and Anything else you think I need to know. Any info would be most helpful. Thanks Tim
  4. If you want retro PKI bring back the Smurf ride.
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