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  1. Get rid of all the big walls form nowhere. The dragon looks good, but's it's in the lie posistion too much, too unrealistic.
  2. SHOX that's easy crap check out my work here Hacking goodness
  3. Topgun your park is good but not the best. you seem to have good building skills but you need to use more custom scenery. Darkside your park is a start but a horrible start. the rides have been place randomely and there is no themeing what so ever. add tree, stations and shops that are in buildings. For anyone who care i have moved elsewghere, Coasterforce, this is my favourite website, my username is Goliath123 so check out the SFOG recreation here:Coasterforce, RCT1 & 2
  4. oh and but the way thats not expansions, thats custom scenery. :mellow:
  5. If you know how to use 8 cars youl be pro in no time. Average time 1 yaer.
  6. Look im obviolusly to pro for you because obviously you didn't know they where trainers! 8 cars But anyway... Thats themeing
  7. RR thanks! PKIcook, your work has no scenery just rides put down, dont build lakes by just pulling ground down theme it, also i am guessing you do'n have 8 cars or sob trainer? and one more thing don't have spare quele lines.
  8. Firstlt, i noticen nobody is using custom supports and just an option don't post picture of you riding the ride post pictures like this: Comments?
  9. Sorry i cant my game has a virus and i can only keep a couple of games, and this one was left out but i can put the dl up later maybe.
  10. check out RCT2 anyone!

  11. I reckon Cicadas will take over the owrld eventually.....
  12. Great pics, espicially of Paul!
  13. I laughed at the pretzel thingy
  14. RCT2 is much better get that!
  15. No offence but i hat RCT#!!! whenever i build a good park about halfway this black line thingy cobers up the entire screen and stuufs up the game. another thing is that the people are to fake to me and i get them to ride the rides so thats why i stuck with number 2. Sorry i just really hate number three.
  16. From the following picture i present to you... Chestnut Woods Amusement Park! The Entrace Aftermath More Cool stuuf and buildings Thunder Rapids Thanks For viewing. Please, PLEASE comment!!!
  17. Tombraider- I have never been to KI so don't be too harsh and besides a really think that a train that goes everywhere in KI is in need. Topgun- Totaly Radical. although it would look better with custom supports. RockinRoller- Very nice indeed. PKI?- I have started a new park called Chestnut Woods Amusement Park which will have pictures posted soon! :)
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