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  1. meyerhaus


    I'm going twice next week and wanted to know if anyone had some input.
  2. meyerhaus


    Diamondback + rain = BB Gun fight.
  3. They need to put a campground back in. That would be a good place.
  4. meyerhaus

    Nickelodeon Leaving Kings Island?

    Dark, creepy Scooby for kid's area? No.
  5. meyerhaus

    Petition To Improve THE CRYPT

    I love when you bring Maniac Mine up. Not only is it a great ride, but it gets people all riled up.
  6. meyerhaus

    "Fort Washington" House?

    I hadn't, until you just mentioned it!
  7. meyerhaus

    Walk of Shame

    We're getting pretty deep for KIE, but it's good to know that there are lots of people out there that feel the same way. I'm losing it for me, but riding Diamondback will be very symbolic for me.
  8. meyerhaus

    Walk of Shame

    All I can do is lose 40 pounds and try again.
  9. meyerhaus

    Walk of Shame

    It hurts twice: (1)Everyone watches the fat guy walk down the exit ramp. (2)You don't get to ride the ride. I got WOS'd by Diamondback today. It hurt...bad. I've been looking forward to today for over a year. I know it's a simple fix (i.e lose weight), but it doesn't make today any better. It's stings worse because I won a seat on one of the first three trains at our buyout day. I went to go back and test it to see how close I am and the test seat was gone...chitty day.
  10. meyerhaus

    See Paul and Don in DB video.

    How did the harnesses feel? Are they pretty size-forgiving?
  11. meyerhaus

    Official Diamondback Testing Thread

    Do you mean KI employees? I'm guessing that I can comment on our company's buyout day, correct?
  12. meyerhaus

    Official Kings Island Opening Day Schedule

    Weather looks great for Saturday. Unfortunately, our buyout day on Sunday looks to be a TOTAL wash. I just hope that Diamondback is open for 30 minutes...that's all I need.
  13. meyerhaus

    Rollercoaster Dream

    The season can officially start...I had a rollercoaster dream. It was about Diamondback, which makes it even better. Although, in the dream, I had to climb a huge staircase and ladder to get to the station...which was 300 feet above the ground. I'll just stick with boarding the train on the ground.
  14. meyerhaus

    Have You Seen A Diamondback Bus?

    They brought all three to my place of work last week. We are the ones that are buying out the park on Sunday. On the buses were Scooby, George Jetson, Fred Flinstone, and several more characters. We had a raffle for the first ride on Diamondback, and I won a seat! So, Sunday morning, I will be on the first train!