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  1. ^^I haven't been on either so until then I won't judge them. But I do like Diamondback's layout a little bit more.
  2. Qoute: GoodYellowKorn "It's so strange to see this park that's focused on advertising and themeing for so long suddenly have a "traditional" roller coaster free of movie tie-ins and that just focuses on speed & height" Son of Beast is free of movie tie-in's. That was paramount. As far as movie themes go...if it's Iron Man what would they do? Color it red and yellow, add a few movie posters in the station, maybe show some movie clips? The Diamondback theme is perfectly fine with me. Besides, that logo with the skull and snake is one of the best for a coaster that I have ever seen.
  3. ^I whole-heartedly agree with that! GCI or Gravity Group.
  4. Damn. The announcement is a hour old and Diamondback already has a full Wikipedia Page. Edit: Upon closer inspection the Wikipedia page includes the YouTube link for the proposed simulation with the name Mustang...so I think they're running a little behind.
  5. Awesome...I can't friggin' wait! :insane: I like that logo too...very metal! I may have to buy the t-shirt.
  6. I used to be fascinated with the gum tree in line for White Water Canyon. That damn line would stretch out to the sign so a tree covered in months worth of gum was somewhat entertaining I guess.
  7. ^Vortex, Beast, Firehawk, Drop Zone, Delirium...I'm pretty sure you can get on all the big stuff and still have time for the flat rides and re-rides. Although I haven't been there on a weekend in ages.
  8. ^Thanks for those pics! I haven't seen the end of the ride with the drop in ages!
  9. Futant462


    Really?! Well, to each his own. I just can't rate BLSC higher than any coaster at KI...maybe with the exception of the giggle coaster.
  10. 1. Hades 2. Beast 3. Maverick 4. Millenium Force 5. Montu 6. Raptor 7. Superman: Ultimate Flight 8. Avalanche 9. Drachen Fire (R.I.P) 10. Vortex (KI) I'm sure this list will change next year. I have a trip planned for Knoebels, Dorney Park, SF: Great Adventure, Kings Dominion, Hersheypark, and BG:E. I am especially looking forward to riding El Toro, Phoenix, Lightning Racer, Alpengeist, and Griffon.
  11. I meant no offense with my comment...I was just saying that I can't think of any good ideas myself so I may have to resort to reading the encyclopedia for any plausible suggestions.
  12. Man...scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one. Although I have to admit, it does seem to fit in a weird way. I think I am going to whip out the ol' encyclopedia brittanica that my parents bought from KI back in 1990 and just go page to page. I'm sure SOMETHING in there will end up being the name of the new coaster.
  13. For the coaster to be built...that was an expression of excitement.
  14. ^That would be a pretty good name for it. That was a terrible movie though...
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