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  1. An interesting topic. It will be fun to see what some others have to say. I don't like trims at all. I guess to pick a least favorite it would be all the trims on Beast. They have him running so slow this year, it kind of takes all the fun out of the ride.
  2. If I remember right, members of ACE and maybe other coaster clubs can participate in the ERT even if they don't have a gold pass.
  3. AH!! You can 44oz pop for $1.29 at speedway! You can get the same 44oz pop for 69 cents at Shell!
  4. ^^ God, I hope so! Especially the first two set of them. The ones on the helix drop hopefully won't be far behind.
  5. You would think they would want to keep the trains covered with them being new. But, SOB's trains stay out in the weather. And Flight Decks train isn't covered when they park one on the lift hill.
  6. ^ I will vouch for him. I was at the park on Saturday (1-31-09) with a group of 50 or so people, and we all heard those very words come out of Don's mouth.
  7. Those are all great sounds. From the whirr of Flight Decks motor starting up the lift to FOF's launch, and back to the roar that The Beast has in the tunnels. I guess my favorites would be the unmistakable "crash" that SOB makes when the train hits the lift chain and "Welcome to The Beast . . ." going up the lift. To pick a favorite would be too hard. I'll just be glad when the time comes to hear them all again!
  8. Yep, those are the ones I was talking about. I guess I called it a trim brake instead of MCBR just because it is set to trim brake mode. It seems to be a theme at KI, and one that they stick to. Any coaster with a MCBR there is set to trim brake (or stop) mode.
  9. The only reason the pacing on the second half of SOB sucks is because of that stupid trim brake. If you can catch a rare trimless ride, the second half is a blast!!
  10. Exactly!! Not to mention the fact that they keep adding more. We started the season with five magnetic blocks on the second drop, and now are up to six. Also, the helix drop had three blocks up to the fourth of July. Sometime between the fourth and the first of August, we went from three to four, now currently there are five. The first drop has been the same all season, but they probably have added more to the brake shed too. Trim Brake:The Ride, anyone?
  11. I don't suppose we can talk them into not using the trim brakes? How nice it would be to ride Racer and FOF trimless.
  12. Sounds like a plan. KI could have a lot of world class coasters, but no, we have to have trim brakes everywhere. That is one thing that Holiday World does not have, and that would be the best thing for KI. Look at the new pace of Red Racer for example. They might as well just stop it in the turn around and get it over with. They stop or almost stop most of the other coasters in the MCBR anyway. I really think that CF would be better off going someplace else and ruining their coasters.
  13. Now, who would you be speaking of? :D I am glad they got the video working. I do enjoy watching it while waiting in line. I really enjoy it more when we just walk right through and see about 30 seconds of it!! That is the best!
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