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  1. Not to sound like I was Rude But Son of Baest hasnt ran in over a year.
  2. pkiboy


    It was and Its going to Open Today. So go take a Swing on Delirium for me I noticed it was swinging much higher to when it was testing.
  3. Really Cuse I saw King Cobra run as well to.
  4. Diamondback has more Air than Timmy but Timmy has the Sweet elements that DB doenst have. If you guys have the Chance GO to Carowinds this year and ride it. I got 35 laps on Timmy this past weekand.
  5. I have known this for over 2 months now but I wnated to wait till the park announced it people have been asking me when Cedar Point opening day is well now you can Go. Mark your calendars and join us - your first chance to catch up with Millennium Force, rekindle old times on Magnum XL-200 and introduce yourself to Shoot the Rapids will be on Saturday, May 15, 2010. Our full operating calendar will be coming soon. Stay tuned. http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/index.cfm Hope to see you guys there.
  6. I havent missed an opening day since 1998 at KI.
  7. If the park is really smart they need to do what Dollywood does. Not only you get Unlimited visits to Dollywood but you get Free parking and 20% Off Food, Merchandise, Rentals and Kennels at Dollywood. http://www.dollywood.com/ticket-prices/season_passes.aspx
  8. One word Holiwood Nights is a MUST DO event. Only time you get to ride Voayge Legend and Raven at Night.
  9. Wow im glad you had fun. And that was not a bad TR.
  10. Im not in to the Haunt so ill be at Diamondback or Beast.
  11. Yes PP are included with 2009 Haunt.
  12. Last year It wasnt so bad and that was a Sat.
  13. It was storming really bad at Holiday World sat night. Lucky us we had the Gravity Group to keep us comapny durring the storms.
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