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  1. i think "turtle" was actually tall enough to ride vortex. lol great video though. :)
  2. ici, vous allez. (désolé, je n'ai aucune idée de ce que vous aviez dit que j'ai utilisé google translate.) indice # 1 et 2: vous pouvez monter une réplique à proximité des états-unis d'amérique
  3. pyrenees @ parque espana-shima spain village
  4. and yet i'm worried because you used past tense. i spent about twenty minutes yesterday just standing and staring at son of beast yesterday from over by the action zone bathrooms and flight deck's exit que. funny thing is, a ride op from xtreme skyflyer was looking at me as if i was looking at something nonexistent. :rolleyes:
  5. wow, did you plan for you to reach a milestone post count on two different sites at the same time? :P oh, and sorry in advance if i forget to check in. :) edit: huge hint: it's in china
  6. superman: ride of steel six flags america
  7. I'll be in the seat directly behind you!!!! haha I have a question: Has anyone been to KI to see if there is a train on the transfer track? That will be the ultimate sign that they are/were doing testing....unless they want to keep it a massive secret and take the train off of the track after the testing. Plus, you will know if SoB is testing because who can miss that distinctive sound the anti-rollback makes as the train climbs the lift or as it releases at the crest of the hill? it could easily be stopped on the mcbr, then not only would the train be blocked from view from the eiffel tower, but also make it difficult to see in the train from flight deck.
  8. yea, son of beast had one of the tallest loops and it was only 118' tall.
  9. awesome news, but i have a question, when did they add a train to the track?
  10. i was at the park today, and while setting and eating at outer hank's, you could hear the sounds of power tools being used up on top of delirium, i don't know what exactly they were doing, but the crane was setting there and there was a cherry picker setting with it's boom out and basket setting right against the catwalk on the top of the ride.
  11. i'm going to guess the first one, they most likely need the crane to remove the old part and install the new one.
  12. you hit the nail on the head, they're in the process of having the part shipped in, but rumor has it (not sure if it's true or not, i haven't been to the park this year so far) that there is now a crane standing by the ride. :)
  13. my favorite quotes from this: i'm sure i'm not the only one who remembers that seat belts are a relatively new thing for all wooden coasters; come on, kings island's wooden coasters didn't even start receiving them until '05. how can these trains be the "platinum standard" if none have ever been ridden?
  14. ... especially that style vekoma trains on flight deck.
  15. ^... or better yet "expedition everest", now that's a movie i'd go see. B)
  16. you gotta love our free education!! :ph34r: i find this hard to believe, to be able to get past the que entrance, station entrance, and loading platform would be a great feat for anybody to get by if that small, i just have to wonder if she's really as small as he is letting on.
  17. so, we're dropping movie ideas that could be great (the jetson's) and replacing them with movies about roller coaster tycoon and spy kids? :blink:
  18. okay, i posted this over on kic, it's for people who have their "edit" bar sticking in the middle of the text boxes.

  20. yea, i'm kind of on the fence with this, just going by what wiki has listed (i know i could edit the whole page saying disney plans to open the first amusement park on mars in a month), disney has had alot of run ins with osha about some kind of serious issues and they get by with just a fine. don't get me wrong, i love disney, but that's really worrying to me knowing that they've had so many run ins with osha.
  21. ^that's last years park map, you can even still see avatar on snoopy surf dog.
  22. that was an episode of peanuts, they went to a summer camp and they had a canoe race.
  23. texting, so much quicker and convenient, if you don't feel like saying anything you can just lay your phone off to the side. digital clock vs. analog clock
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